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Welcome to our Dark and Darker Druid Guide. This guide covers everything we know so far about the upcoming Druid. This guide updates as balance patches happen, new spells & perks are added, and more! Currently, the Druid is not released, as a result, we’re waiting on further information.


Skills in Dark and Darker are the core abilities that each class has unique access to. However, the Druid is currently not released, meaning we don’t have an accurate idea of what Skills are available. The Druid is known to harness nature with its magic. As a result, we can also expect the Druid to lean into this type of fantasy.


Perks in Dark and Darker serve as unique passive traits. Each class can slot up to 4 perks once they reach max level. Currently the Druid Perks have not been revealed, however, be sure to check back here for full details on the Druid launch! We can assume that the Druid can have perks that assist with the various Shapeshifting forms it’ll have access to, boosts to Nature Magic and more.


Spells are unique to the classes that can wield Spell Memory as a Skill. Currently, these classes are the Wizard, Cleric, and the Warlock Class. These spells are the ones you slot into your Spell Memory Skill and take with you on your adventure. Something to know when starting out, however, is each spell has a cost to even use it. To see this, check the bar at the bottom of the screen when selecting spells to know what your Spell Capacity is.

However, while the Druid is currently not available until later on in Wipe #3, we can only predict that Spell Memory is a part of the Druid’s kit. To have access to Nature Magic and other spells, the Druid requires either a new method of spell-casting or uses Spell Memory.

Spell List

Currently, we do not have a confirmed list of available spells for the first version of the Druid in Wipe #3. However, as soon as the information becomes public, we’ll update it here.


The Druid can be expected to use the follow weapons when the Class is released later this Wipe:

  • Staff
  • Spellbook
  • Crystal Ball
  • Falchion
  • Torch
  • Spear
  • Daggers
  • Clubs
  • Quarterstaff
  • Maybe more!

We cannot guarantee a go-to set-up for the Druid until the Class is released. However, some very solid choices overall in Darker and Darker include the Spellbook, Falchion and Spear. Check back later for more information later on in the Wipe.

Stat Priority

Different stats in Dark and Darker have other properties, as a result, our predicted stats you’d want for the Druid is:

  • +All Attributes
  • +Additional Magic Damage
  • Will
  • +Additional Physical Damage

Due to the nature of the Druid, a mixture of Physical and Magical Damage sources is likely a good option to start with. Currently, it is unknown whether or not the Shapeshifting forms such as a large bear deals Physical or Magical Damage. We believe the Druid can play an aggressive frontline playstyle or a backline caster playstyle. As a result, these stats may change depending on which style is used (for example: more Strength or Physical Damage Reduction for frontline Shapeshifting).

How To Play Druid


The playstyle of the Druid is currently unknown. However, some of the information we do have regarding the Druid and how it may play is:

  • The use of a unique Shapeshifting mechanic. Shapeshifting allows the Druid to switch between powerful beasts such as a large bear or a wolf. This is a drastically different playstyle to most other classes.
  • The Druid shares a similar base playstyle to the Wizard, likely starting with a Staff to be able to cast Nature Magic. It is currently unknown if the Druid has access to hybrid spells such as DPS spells and healing spells.
  • The above points means the Druid can likely play as a backline caster or a frontline bruiser.

Check back here later into the wipe for the full breakdown of how to play the Druid!

Dark and Darker Druid Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Dark and Darker Druid Guide. Make sure to continue to check back here for up-to-date information about the Druid Class and more Dark and Darker information.