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Ashes of Creation has one of the most diverse offerings of mounts of any MMO in history! Check out our Ashes of Creation Mount Guide for a deep dive!

General Mount Information

Mounts are a crowd-favorite feature of any MMO and Ashes of Creation has an amazing offering. Ashes plans to offer Land, Aquatic, Gliding and even flying mounts at Launch, each offering unique appearances and abilities.

Mount Abilities

In Ashes of Creation, Different mounts will have different abilities and can come with multiple abilities. These abilities are unlocked through the Animal Husbandry ssytem. The types of abilities a mount can have Offensive and Defensive centered abilities, as well as increased speed boosts etc.

Mount Tiers

  • Tier 1 – Land and Aquatic Mounts
  • Tier 2 – Gliding/Jumping Mounts
  • Tier 3 – Royal/Flying Mounts

Next, let’s take a deeper look into each mount type and what their capable of!

Types of Mounts

Land Mounts

Land Mounts are the base mount of Ashes of Creation. You can obtain these mounts through early quests or from mount merchants in the starting zone. You can purchase skins from the Cosmetic Shop or through backer packages to change the appearance of these mounts

Aquatic Mounts

Aquatic Mounts can be obtained by taming or breeding Underwater Creatures. These mounts will move faster on water but slower on land then land mounts. Aquatic mounts will also have unique abilities that compliment the fishing tradeskill.

Gliding/Jumping Mounts

Gliding mounts are the second tier of mounts in Ashes of Creation. How far a mount can glide is dependent on the level of the mount. There will be locations in the game will require player skill to reach. Gliding mounts require you to jump from a higher point and can not fully fly. Certain tier 2 mounts can be upgraded to tier 3 mounts by being a Mayor, Queen, or King.

Royal/Flying Mounts

Finally, the 3rd and final tier of mounts are Royal or Flying Mounts. These mounts are only available to Mayors of Metropolis Nodes and Kings and Queens of Guild Castles. In some Rare Cases, they can also be dropped by Legendary World Bosses. These mounts will be very rare. It is said that there will only be between 10-20 flying mounts at a time on any one server.

Royal Mounts are also much larger than other mounts. They are said to be between 3-4 times larger than Gliding Mounts. There are several variations of Royal mounts as well. Here are some of the confirmed types of Royal Mounts in Ashes of Creation so far.

  • Royal Horses (pegasus)
  • Dragons
  • Gryphons
  • Other Mythical Creatures

How to Obtain Mounts

Next, lets look at how to obtain the different types of mounts in Ashes of Creation. Below is a list of some of the many ways mounts will be available

  • Quest Rewards
  • Merchants
  • Drops
  • Mounts Skins (Cosmetic Skins)
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Being a Mayor, King, or Queens.

As stated above, early quests and low level merchants will grant players their first mounts in Ashes of Creation. From there, players will look to the Animal Husbandry trade skill to breed and tame other types of Land and Aquatic Mounts throughout the World of Verra.

Finally, Royal (or Flying) Mounts will only be available to Guild leaders of guilds that own a castle or to Node Mayors. The only exception to this, are Flying mounts that drop from rare Legendary Boss spawns. These bosses will likely drop eggs that players can Raise into temperary Flying Mounts. Players will also be able to trade these eggs to other players.

Ashes of Creation Mount Guide Conclusion

Stay tuned here for more information on the Ashes of Creation Mount system! For more Ashes of Creation content, be sure to check out our home page.