No Rest for the Wicked armor comes in a wide range of options. Each with their own unique design and attributes. each piece of armor features various different protection, resistances, and other bonus effects against certain types of damage and status effects.

You can obtain armor by looting enemies, boss drops, opening chests, purchasing from merchants, or by crafting it yourself. Learn everything you need to know about No Rest of the Wicked armor in this guide.

PLEASE NOTE: All of our No Rest for the Wicked guides will be updated soon after the early access launch of the game.

Armor Rarities

You can obtain gear, including armor, in different rarities. Each rarity offers various benefits.

  • Common
    • Represented with a white background. Unlike many ARPG’s common items are not considered trash loot. This is because common items are the most customizable items in the game.
  • Rare
    • Represented with a blue background. These items offer only positive enchantments.
  • Cursed
    • Represented with a purple background. Cursed items offer very positive enchantments. However, they also come with a cursed enchantment, or a negative effect.
  • Unique
    • Represented with a gold background. These unique items are specifically handcrafted by the designers to offer unique enchantments.
no rest for the wicked armor and weapon rarities

Armor Types

No Rest for the Wicked armor is divided into three different categories, light, medium, and heavy. Within each of those categories you can equip a helmet, chest piece, gloves, and leg armor. You have the flexibility to equip a full armor set, or mix and match different armor pieces to suit your playstyle.

Each armor type serves a specific function and has various defensive capabilities to help bolster survivability. Choosing which armor to utilize will be pivotal to your overall character build.


There are various types of resistances in No rest for the wicked. The various damage types you will need to mitigate include the following:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Electric
  • Plague

In addition you will have a standard armor rating. The higher your armor rating the more damage you will mitigate. You will receive more armor rating in heavier equip loads. The poise stat in No Rest for The Wicked determines your mitigation level against staggering from enemy attacks. Increasing your poise rating will make it more difficult for the enemy to stagger you.

Large, heavy armor sets tend to grant the most poise, while light sets grant the least.

No Rest for the Wicked Armor resistances

Equip Load

Your equipment load, or weight class, is determined by the armor pieces you have equipped. Furthermore, your weight class greatly affects your movement in combtat:

  • Light Equip Load – Provides you with a quickstep. This dodge is very fast and doesn’t use a lot of stamina.
  • Medium Equip Load – In medium armor you will perform a dodge roll. This is slower than the light armor quickstep, and utilizes more stamina.
  • Heavy Equip Load – Heavy equip load will provide you with the greatest overall defense, but will result in the slowest dodge. However, this dodge can also be use offensively as a shoulder rush. Dodging in heavy also utilizes a good amount of stamina.
no rest for the wicked weight class guide


Both armor and weapons in No Rest for the Wicked have a durability value. This value decreases overtime the more you use that piece of equipment. If the durability value of the equipment reaches 0, you will no longer be able to equip that piece of gear. however, you can have the gear repaired from and NPC or by utilizing repair powder.

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