Guilds are a vital part of several systems in TL. Learn everything you need to know in our Throne and Liberty Guild Guide.

General Information

Once your level 3, you’ll be able to join a guild. You can use the Guild UI Tab to search for an existing Guild to join OR start creating your own. If you choose to create your Guild, you’ll get to choose the following options

  • Guild Emblem
  • Guild Emblem Color
  • Guild Name

You can leave a guild at any time but THERE IS A COOLDOWN TO JOIN ANOTHER GUILD ONCE YOU LEAVE.

Guild Bases

Guild Bases are available to Guilds once the guild hits level 2. Some of the features of Guild Bases are listed below

  • Increased mana and health regen while in the Base
  • An Arena where you can Duel with Guild Members called Home Arena
  • Guild Merchants
  • Guild Raids

Guild Raids

Guild Raids are PVE activities located in Guild Halls that allow guild members to fight Raid bosses for weekly rewards. As Guilds level, they will gain access to different Raid bosses. Guild Raids must be started by Guild Officers above the Advisor Rank.

When the boss is defeated, players will be teleported back to the Guild Hall after receiving the rewards

Guild Contracts

Guild Contracts are quest like activities that Guilds can take part of to complete to earn Rewards such as Guild Coins. There are 3 types of contracts:

  • Territory Contracts – Defeat specific enemies in different regions
  • Dynamic Event Contracts – Complete a Dynamic event with special conditions.
  • Dungeon Contracts – defeat monsters in specific dungeons

Guilds can complete multiple Guild Contracts a day and will earn Guild XP and resources upon completion.

Throne and Liberty Guild Guide

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