Welcome to our Dark and Darker Cleric Guide. The Cleric is one of Dark and Darker’s Support Classes that can Heal and Shield their allies as well as buff them for battle! In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started with this support class.


  • Great Group Support
  • High Survivability
  • Strong against Undead
  • Good Magic Damage Output in PVP


  • Slow melee attack Speed
  • Low Physical Damage Output in PVP


The Cleric has a good balance of Magical Damage Skills as well as Spell Memory that includes spells that will help you support your allies. Below are the four Skills of the Cleric. You can select up to two skills for combat.

  • Judgment
  • Holy Purification
  • Smite
  • Divine Protection
  • Spell Memory 1 & 2

Divine Protection

Gain 30% physical damage reduction for 4 seconds.

Holy Purification

After channeling for 1.5 seconds deal 100 divine magical damage to all undead monsters within a 7.5m radius around you.


After channeling for 0.75 seconds, deal 25 divine magical damage to a target and reduce their move speed bonus by 30% for 2 seconds. Once the channel begins on a target, crosshair targeting is no longer required. This spell has a 5m range and will fail if the target goes out of range.


Deal an additional 10 Magical Damage to all enemies you hit within 7 seconds. Only when melee attacking.

Spell Memory 1 & 2

Gain the ability to memorize speels to use in the dungeons.

Skill Recommendations

Our Current recommendation for Cleric Skills is Spell Memory and Judgement. Spell Memory grants you access to all of your support spells and is a must pick. Judgement is a good direct damage spell that provides some utility. Holy Purification is an honorable mention, dealing massive amounts of AOE damage to undead monsters. Unfortunately, Holy Purification has no effect on enemy players.


In Dark and Darker, Perks are passive traits that effect how your Cleric performs in combat. At Max level, Clerics can choose up to 4 perks. Here are the perks available to Clerics in Dark and Darker:

  • Advanced Healer – Gain 5 magical healing.
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery – While using a blunt weapon, gain 15% physical damage bonus
  • Brewmaster – When you drink alcohol, you no longer exhibit the detrimental drunk effects and gain 10 Strength
  • Faithfulness – Gain 15% divine magical damage bonus. When a divine attack is successful, reduce their move speed bonus by 15% for 1.5 seconds.
  • Holy Aura – Gain 15 armor rating and 15 magic resistance. This affects both yourself and allies.
  • Holy Water – Drinking any of the drinks will eliminate all removable curse effects.
  • Kindness – Heal yourself for 15% of the spells total heal amount when healing another target
  • Over Healing – Even if the target’s health is at full health, additional healing can be done by 20% of the target’s maximum health. Bonus Health degenerates at 1% per second.
  • Perseverance – Reduces all types of incoming damage by 3
  • Protection from Evil – Reduces the duration of all harmful effects by 50%
  • Requiem – Resurrecting an ally revives them with 50% HP instead of a sliver of life. When reviving an ally at the altar of sacrifice. You do not need to sacrifice any of your own health.
  • Undead Slaying – Gain 20% undead damage bonus against undead monsters.

Perk Recommendations

The Cleric perks we recommend are Advanced Healer, Perseverance, Protection from Evil, and Kindness. This combination adds to the Clerics’ already tanky nature and gives you a slight boost to healing output.

Once you level up and gain access to more gold/better gear you will want to use Resurrection and slot Requiem as a perk. This will resurrect your ally with 50% health and should allow them to get back in to battle faster. When using Requiem, remove Protection from Evil.


Spells are currently unique to a couple of classes that can wield them, such as the Cleric and the Wizard. These spells are the ones you will slot into your Spell Memory skill and take with you on your adventure. Something to know when starting out however, each spell has a cost to even use it. To see this, make sure to check the bar at the bottom of the screen when selecting spells to know what your spell capacity is.

One Cost Spells – Tier 1

  • Protection – Grants the target a shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds.
  • Bless – Grants the target 3 strength, 3 agility, 3 will for 30 seconds. Self Cast if no target is found

Two Cost Spells – Tier 2

  • Cleanse – removes all harmful curse effects from the target. Self-casted if no target is found

Three Cost Spells – Tier 3

  • Bind – Binds the target for 0.75 seconds
  • Lesser Heal – Heals the target for 15 health. Self-casted if no target is found.
  • Divine Strike – Grants the target 5 weapon damage for 20 seconds. Self-casted if no target is found.

Four Cost Spells – Tier 4

  • Holy Strike – Deal 20 divine magical damage to all targets in an area, blinding them for 2 seconds.

Five Cost Spells – Tier 5

  • Holy Light – Heals a target for 25 health or deals 100 divine magical damage to an undead target.

Six Cost Spells – Tier 6

  • Sanctuary – Channel for 5 seconds healing all targets within 3.5m for 5 per second and deals 14 divine magical damage per second to the undead.

Seven Cost Spells – Tier 7

  • Locusts Swarm – Channel a swarm of locusts in a 3m radius over 6 seconds. Any target within the area is health 2 divine magical damage per 0.1 seconds.
  • Earthquake – Channel an earthquake in a 2.5m radius over 6 seconds. Any target within the area is dealt 7 magical damage per step and receives 50% move speed bonus reduction.

Eight Cost Spells – Tier 8

  • Resurrection – Target an ally to resurrect them from the dead (the corpse must have a soul heart

Spell Recommendations

The base knowledge of cleric is 18. This can be increased by knowledge found on armor and other gear. Here are some recommended Spell sets for a few Knowledge levels.

19 Knowledge

  • Holy Light (5) – This is the clerics main spell. Holy Light can heal allies or deal massive amounts of damage to an undead enemy.
  • Lesser Heal (2) – Heals targets for 15 health and unlike Holy Light, can be self-targeted
  • Protection (1)- Give a “bubble” to allies or self-blocking 20 physical damage.
  • Divine Strike (2) – Buff an allies weapon damage by 10 for 20 seconds
  • Bless (1) – provides 1 +3 buff to Base attributes (STR/DEX/WILL)

22 Knowledge

  • Holy Light (5)
  • Lesser Heal (2)
  • Protection (1)
  • Sanctuary (6)

23+ Knowledge

  • Holy Light (5)
  • Lesser Heal (2)
  • Protection (1)
  • Sanctuary (6)
  • Bless or Divine Strike Depending on group composition.

Sanctuary can be a powerful tool in melee-centered fights. This can also provide support in ranged combat if you’re able to Line of Sight your opponents while allowing your teammates a defense area.

The problem with Sanctuary is that it takes you out of the battle. You are immobilized and you cannot cast spells during the cast. Learning when to use Sanctuary in the right moments can give you a strong edge in combat.


Resurrection requires a significant amount of knowledge to be able to slot while also keeping your main support spells (Holy Light, Lesser Heal, and Protection). It is also extremely situational and for that reason we recommend going with other spells.


In Dark and Darker, The Cleric can use a selection of both physical and magical damage weapons. Unlike most classes, there are no weapons that are unique to the cleric. Below are the weapons that the cleric can equip:

  • Flanged Mace
  • Morning Star
  • War Maul
  • Buckler
  • Heater Shield
  • Round Shield
  • Spell Book
  • Wizard Staff

Cleric’s start with a Spell Book, which is perfect for the class! For physical Weapons, we recommend using a Mace or Morning Star and a Heater shield. Heater Shields have a Best in Slot split between size, mitigation, and movement speed. Learning to block with your shield can provide a massive increase to your survivability as a Cleric in Dark and Darker.

Stat Priority

The most significant stat increases in Dark and Darker will come from your armor, weapons, and other gear you find in the game. Below is how to prioritize the stats on these pieces of gear.

All Attributes > Knowledge to 20 (if using resurrect) or Spell Capacity > Will > Magical Healing

All Attribute gear is great to find, especially for clerics. Knowledge is important as it allows you to slot Higher Tier Spells using Spell Memory. Will increases your spell power, including your healing abilities. Magical Healing increases the raw healing output of the Cleric and should not be underestimated.

How To Play Cleric in Dark and Darker

Cleric is a Support Class that is best played in a group. Well-timed heals and Barriers can turn the tides of battle and help your team come out with the spoils of war. Below are some tips on how to play the Cleric in Dark and Darker.


In PVE, the cleric will mainly be using its Physical weapons to deal damage to make sure to save its spells for PVP encounters. Learning to use your shield effectively in combat can help you tank mobs for your allies to kill quickly. Blocking in Dark and Darker is directional, so learning how to block attacks from the different types of monsters is key. You can also use Judgement to help your group kill mobs at range as well.


In PVP, Clerics are extremely powerful. Using Your healing abilities and Protection give your team an advantage in any fight. Make sure you use Protection as allies are heading into battle. You can also cast Divine Strike on allies if you have this spell slotted.

Once the battle has started, you can start to pre-cast your heals such as Holy Light and Lesser Heal. This requires you to start casting the heal but holding it until your ally takes damage. This can help provide instant healing once your allies take damage. You can always cancel the spell cast by swapping weapons if needed.

Judgement is also very powerful in PVP. Not only does it deal decent magic damage, but it slows targets that are hit by it. This can be good to help catch enemies that are running away or can help assist ranged DPS in your group kite enemies.

As a Cleric, you will often be the initial target of other groups during combat. This is where your shield will come handy. Learning how to block well and counterstriking with your mace is your key to surviving long enough to support your team in battle.

Using Sanctuary

Sanctuary can be the most powerful spell in the cleric’s Spellbook if used correctly. The main thing to consider when casting Sanctuary is your environment and your positioning. Make sure to use Line of Sight tactics when possible and identify the group of enemies you’re going into combat with. Sanctuary can open your group up to disaster against ranged heavy compositions, especially if you’re in the open.

Dark and Darker Cleric Guide Conclusion

That concludes are Dark and Darker Cleric Guide! If your new to Dark and Darker, check out our Dark and Darker Beginner Guide.