Throne and Liberty has a unique, rewarding way to track your progress through the Main Story Quest Line, Side Quests, and More! Learn everything about Throne and LIberty’s Collection Progression system in our Throne and Liberty Codex Guide

General Information

The Codex Tab functions as an Achievement Collection in Throne and Liberty. You can access your Codex by pressing J(default) or by using your F10 Menu and selecting Codex at the top. Completing objectives in your Codex also provides tons of useful rewards! There are three tabs in the Codex:

  • Adventure
  • Exploration
  • Codex


The First Tab in your Codex will be your Adventure Tab. This tab helps keep track of your progress through the Main Story Questline in Thrones and provides you with tons of rewards for doing so! Main Story Quest Objectives will appear in purple on your map/mini-map

Below is a list of each Chapter of the Main Questline as well as how to Unlock each.

ChapterTitleHow to Unlock
PreludeThe Island of Star ChildrenUpon Character Creation
Ch. 1The Tragedy of the Casill GamilyThe Demise of the Gray-Fanged
Ch. 2The Demies of the Gray-FangedComplete Ch. 1 and reach Level 5
Ch. 3Veterans Never DieComplete Ch. 2 and reach Level 11
Ch. 4The Terrific Trio of Carmine ForestComplete Ch. 3 and reach Level 19
Ch. 5Sacred Pledge of the BloodComplete Ch. 4 and reach Level 24
Ch. 6The Song of the Vienta DwarvesComplete Ch. 5 and reach Level 29
Ch. 7Sandstorm OverlordComplete Ch. 6 and reach Level 34
Ch. 8 Demon’s SmileComplete Ch. 7 and reach Level 40
Ch. 9Pact Between Fire and DarknessComplete Ch. 8 and reach Level 45
Ch. 10Nightmare Deja VuComplete Ch. 9 and reach Level 50

Each Chapter has several different objectives to progress through, each providing players with rewards once they complete them. MAKE SURE TO CHECK IN ON THE CODEX FREQUENTLY for rewards that will help you advance your character’s gear and power!


The Exploration tab is used to keep track of your Regional-specific side quests. Each section will have a list of Each Side-quest in the Region followed by the objectives necessary to complete them. Players will earn rewards as they complete each objective of each side quest. Once you complete all the Side-quests in a Region you’ll also receive a rewards

Finding Regional Side Quests

Activating Each Regions Side Quests is easy! You simply need to head over to the Waypoint of that region and activate it! This will immediately fill your Exploration Codex with that region’s side-quests to complete. These Waypoint are marked all over your World Map (M key by default)

These Side quests objectives will be Blue on your map/mini-map


Finally, the Collection tab is where you’ll find all of the Lost pages you collect in each Region. As you collect pages, your Codex will place them in the correct books and piles that will unlock a deeper look at the lore in Thrones and Liberty

Throne and Liberty Codex Guide

That Completes our Throne and Liberty Codex Guide! For more information on Throne and Liberty, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page.