Learning how to revive your teammates in Dark and Darker can be pivotal to having a successful extraction. Players can be killed from many dangers in the dungeons including monsters, traps, and other players. If you die, there are a couple of ways you can be revived.

You can utilize altars of resurrection to revive your friends, and the cleric can also revive downed teammates.

The Altar of Resurrection

If one of your teammates is downed, make sure you loot any valuables they may have so you can give these back to them once they are revived. They will not respawn with any of their loot so you will have to make sure you get it for them.

The only way to revive your friends is to obtain their heart. In order to get the heart you must remove the chest piece of the downed player. Once removed you will see the glowing blue heart. At this point, make sure you loot the valuables and heart. You will need the heart to resurrect your friend at an altar of resurrection.

soul heart dark and darker

To find the altar of resurrection you will need to continue to explore the dungeon. These slabs are in set locations within the dungeon. You are looking for a large stone slab with a pale glowing light emanating from it. There are often monsters around the altars, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and take any monsters before resurrecting your teammate because the revival process takes a bit of time to complete.

how to revive teammates dark and darker

Once you have located the altar you will need to place the glowing heart on top of it. This will begin the lengthy resurrection ritual. Once the ritual is complete the heart will be consumed and your teammate will be revived. Bear in mind that when resurrected you will only have a very small portion of health. You do not resurrect with full health. As of Early Access, the health cost of reviving a teammate is fairly negligible and should always be done where possible!

Once revived you can then hand you teammate back their equipment and you can continue your exploration throughout the dungeon and try to extract safely with some good loot.

Recap of the Altar process:

  • Approach a fallen teammate
  • Remove their chestplate
  • Pick up the Soul Heart of that player and place it in your inventory
  • Find an Altar of Resurrection
  • Place the Soul Heart of the fallen player onto the altar
  • Resurrection process begins

Reviving with the Cleric

This section outlines how to revive your teammates in Dark and Darker utilizing the cleric class.

The Cleric is the only class in Dark and Darker that can revive players without utilizing the altar of resurrection. However, you will need to be able to equip the Resurrection spell. It is a tier 8, cost 8 spell.

The Requiem perk allows the cleric to revive teammates with 50% of their health. This is quite a lot more than the altar of resurrection allows.

In order to revive a player with the spell you must first approach the down player and the cast the Requiem spell. You will need to hold the cast button until the spell fully charges. It may take between 20-30 seconds before it’s complete. If you release the cast button you may fail the resurrection so make sure you continue to hold it until your teammate is fully resurrected.

It’s also very important to point out that you need to leave the Soul Heart on the downed player while casting the spell. If you remove the Soul Heart the spell will be ineffective.


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