Lost Ark is set to release on February 8 (or February 11, for those without a Founder’s Pack) and news surrounding the launch has been pouring in. One recent announcement has revealed that Lost Ark will launch with DirectX 11! 

This is pretty huge news for the game, as it provides significant improvement in performance (subject to hardware) as well as visuals. 

What Does DirectX 11 Mean For Lost Ark?

DirectX 11 being available on launch is pretty important for Lost Ark. It essentially modernizes the game, bringing it up to a level closer to modern hardware and acts as an intermediate between the game engine and the graphics drivers.

Generally, with DirectX 11, you’ll see better performance and improved visuals, specifically when it comes to shaders. This is good news for just about everyone playing the game as you’ll most likely get to enjoy a smoother and more visually pleasing experience. 

How Much Of A Difference Is There Between DirectX 9 And DirectX 11? 

The difference between DX9 and DX11 is very much noticeable. This update recently came out in Korea and fans there were blown away by it. Thanks to QuasarZone, we have a few comparisons to share: 

As you can see, the differences are pretty big. A Ryzen 9 5900X saw an improvement of almost 50 (yes, 50!) FPS, meanwhile, an RX 6900 XT LC saw an average FPS improvement of 35, and an RTX 3090 FE saw an average FPS improvement of 31. 

Similar numbers apply for lower specs, with even a 2070 Super gaining a noticeable 15 FPS – this is great news for our launch and the game is set to be better than ever! 

Hopefully, you’re all able to enjoy the launch, whenever you can make it, and best of luck in the world of Arkesia. Which will now be buttery smooth thanks to Lost Ark having DirectX 11!