The Third Raid Level 2 Lost Ark Guardian Raid boss you’ll battle is Flame Fox Yoho.  You will need to be Item level 540 to enter the Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid.  Find out how to take him down in our Lost Ark Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Protection Potions, Whirlwind Grenades, Panacea

Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Mechanics

  • Leap – Flame Fox Yoho leans back and then Leaps into the air and then to the player with agro dealing large amounts of damage. The further into the fight, the more times Yoho will leap toward this player
  • Charge – Flame Fox Yoho Charges toward a player.
  • Flaming Flash – Similar to Charge, Yoho will Start to “blink” or teleport to a player. Next, Yoho will have a window where she will glow blue during Flaming Flash. You can use a Counter Skill to interrupt her while she’s glowing.
  • 9 Tail Whip – Flame Fox Yoho Will look towards one side then whip her tails to that side.
  • Tail Smash – Flame Fox Yoho will drop her head, then smash her tails to the ground in a rear attack.
  • Flaming Spin – Yoho will spin in a circle, placing small fire AOE all over the ground. She will keep doing this by placing more AOE on the ground. These areas will apply burn stack to you if you hit them so make sure to pull Flame Fox Yoho away from areas that get overrun with the Fire AOE.
  • Flaming Comet Slam – Flame Fox Yoho will leap high in the air and create a Fire globe in the sky. A red AOE will form on the ground and then she will slam back to the ground like a comet dealing damage.
  • Twin Flames – Yoho will spin in a circle and then Scream out and teleport. Next, she will spin and create a twin that will also spin, dealing AOE damage. in her final phase, Flame fox Yoho will create 4 clones surrounding her, all spinning and dealing AOE damage.
  • Meteor Shower – Flame Fox Yoho will start to strut in a strait patch, summoning a Meteor Shower. Stop dealing damage and avoid damage.
  • Ignite – Flame Fox Yoho will start to glow bright pink and orange. You will want to use Stagger abilities or Whirlwind bombs to stop Yoho from charging up.

Damage Buff Mechanic (Flame of Vengence)

  • Flames of Vengeance – Flame Fox Yoho has 3 abilities that will give a buff to a player to deal increased damage. Then, This buff also applies to burn stacks so players will need to be careful to manage these to avoid taking too much damage.
    • Flaming Orb Arena – Flame Fox Yoho will project a Large Circle of Flaming Orbs. The LOWEST health member of your party will get the Damage Buff.
    • Flaming Breath – Flame Fox Yoho Breaths out Flames which ignite a player, giving them the Flames of Vengence Damage Buff. Be Careful not to stay too long in Flaming Breath as it will also apply stacks of Burn.
    • Field of Flaming Orbs – Flame Fox Yoho shoots out a static Flaming orb. This orb, along with Flame Fox Yoho will shoot out tiny flaming orbs everywhere. If a player in your party gets hit by 3 of the many orbs, they will get the Flames of Vengence Damage Buff.

Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Strategy

Flame Fox Yoho, like many other Guardian Raids, consists of 3 phases. As the fight progresses, abilities like Leap and Twin Flames will also progress. Typically, If Flame Fox Yoho runs away, she will enter her next phase. Make sure you are aware of her progression so you can also be aware of the progression of her abilities.

Next, Players will also need to be mindful of burn stacks that are applied through most of Flame Fox Yoho’s abilities like Meteor Shower, Flaming Breath, and Field of Flaming Orbs. Make sure to use a cleanse ability or Panacea to remove the stacks.

The final aspect of the Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid is making sure you utilize the Damage Buff (Flame of Vengence) that she gives players. We will go in-depth on this below.

Flame Fox Yoho’s Flames of Vengence Damage Buff

To get the most out of Flame Fox Yoho’s Flame of Vengence. You will want to make sure a DPS player is getting the buff. Support classes will need to move out of Flaming Orb Arena to ensure a DPS player gets the Flame of Vengence buff. During Flaming Breath and Field of Flaming Orbs, players need to make sure they dodge the mechanics to ensure the correct player receives Flame of Vengence. Support players should shield the DPS players when these mechanics start to prevent the DPS from receiving the damage buff from taking too much damage. If there are no support players in the group, or if their cooldowns arent up, players can use Protection Potions instead.

Along with the Flame of Vengence, players will also receive burn stacks on them. You will need to use the Panacea OR use a Cleanse ability to avoid taking to much damage from the stacks.

Flame Fox Yoho Loot

After defeating Flame Fox Yoho, you have the chance to collect some of these rewards:

  • Flame Fox Yoho Card
  • Arkesia Event coins
  • Legendary Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet
  • Tier 1 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Galewind Skill Rune

Flame Fox Yoho Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion

That does it for our Lost Ark Flame Fox Guardian Raid guide.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Tytalos.