Let’s take a look at the Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons and see what this end game content has to offer for us. If you haven’t had the chance to run one yet, they are about 5 minutes long, so they are rather quick for a dungeon. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

Chaos Dungeons are special dungeons where you focus on killing lots of enemies. You are provided with 5 minutes to clear most of the waves before a portal will open to take you to the next section. As you kill the enemies, a progress bar (which looks like an orb), will fill for the overall completion of the Chaos Dungeon. Once you reach 100%, the Chaos Dungeon is over.

A normal Chaos Dungeon run follows this basic format; Basically the first section will just be waves of strong and normal monsters. Afterwards the second section of the dungeon will consist of elites, strong, and normal monsters with a boss towards the end. And finally, the third and final section will have mini-waves in which you will need to break a red crystal to unleash an elite and continue the waves.

Sometimes you will get a Gold or Purple portal that will shake things up a bit. Once you enter the Gold portal, it will take you to a special section with a single loot monster. Similarly to a loot goblin from Diablo 3. Alternatively, the Purple portal will take you to a boss loot goblin with even more loot. Lastly, the kind of loot you will obtain will depend on if you running as a daily. For more information about loot, jump to the loot section!

How To Enter Chaos Dungeons

Interact with the Chaos Dungeon statue in town or use the Party Finder to enter a Chaos Dungeon. Look for the following icon on the map:

There is no daily limit to how many times you can enter a Chaos Dungeon. There is however, a limit of the type of loot you can earn within a day and requirements to enter. Basically this is where the Aura of Resonance comes into play.

You earn 100 Aura of Resonance every day at 6:00AM server time. When you enter a Chaos Dungeon, you will automatically consume 50 Aura to earn daily loot, honing materials and equipment. If you do not have the Aura and you enter, then you will earn secondary items. Check the loot section for more information.

Rest Bonus is from unused Aura of Resonance and will increase the amount of rewards you earn. For every 50 unused Aura, you will earn 10 points of Rest Bonus. The game will automatically apply the bonus when applicable. To be exact, you will spend 20 points of Rest Bonus when you spend 50 Aura of Resonance when possible.

Chaos Dungeon UI

Chaos Dungeon Entry Requirements

Every Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon has an item level requirement to enter. Especially as it is not a recommendation, it is an actual gate keeping mechanic. Firstly, you must complete the MSQ Ealyn’s Request. So, just follow the MSQ until you find it in Vern if you haven’t already. Afterwards, you will need at least an item level of 250 and then you will be able to enter your first Chaos Dungeon in North Vern.

With this in mind, lets explore the requirements for the other Chaos Dungeons. Afterwards is Rohendel where you need to complete the MSQ Ratik and have an item level of 460. Then Tier 2 with Yorn which requires MSQ The Final Report and an item level of 600. Thirdly is Feiton which requires the MSQ Will and item level 960. And finally, Punika for Tier 3 which requires the MSQ Festival Adventure and item level 1100 to enter.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Loot

To see what kind of loot you can obtain from a Chaos Dungeon, check the top right area of the Chaos Dungeon UI. Generally there is a lot of different things you can obtain from just a single run; Silver, armor, weapons, accessories, entry tickets, honing materials, and much more.

However, not everything is listed in the Expected Rewards section. If you are lucky, you may find a [Mount: Red Mane Wolf]. This is because loot from the gold and purple portals are not listed as possible rewards. Additionally you can find honing success materials such as Star’s Breath.

Additionally the loot changes when Aura of Resonance is used or not. For example, you will only earn gear when Aura is used. But, with no Aura you will earn Shards and Crystals for the appropriate tier. Here is a list of things you can earn when Aura of Resonance is used;

  • Equipment
  • Accessories
  • Ability Stones
  • Honing Materials
  • Engraving Recipes
  • Mounts (Rarely from ‘loot goblins’)
  • Gold & Silver
  • Card Experience
  • Entry Tickets (From the boss in the 2nd zone)

Which takes us to the next part, what can we get when Aura of Resonance isn’t used;

  • Accessories (Rarely)
  • Bound Honing Materials
  • Silver
  • Card Experience
  • Shards & Crystals (Replaces gear drops)

That’s all you need to know about Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons. Best of luck on the grind, hopefully, you’ll encounter some purple and gold portals when using your Aura!