One of the major features of Lost Ark is the Knowledge Transfer system. But, what is it exactly? Let’s take a look at one of the biggest quality of life feature in the game and how it will save you hours on leveling alts. 

Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer Basics

It’s important to note that the KR and RU versions of Lost Ark have slightly different versions of the Knowledge Transfer system. So, if you come from playing on those servers, it maybe a bit different than what you remember.

The Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer enables you to unlock MSQ content without actually doing that content on your alt. You still have to complete it on your main character, however at the price of gold to skip it. It is very similar to the Powerpass, but with a few more additions and restrictions.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Have to complete the content before you can knowledge transfer to another character
  • Gold costs vary based on the higher level content to unlock
    • Starts at 600g and scales up to 1,600g
  • It takes 8 hours to complete a knowledge transfer
    • You can still play the character during this time
  • All boosts will unlock MSQ quests up to a certain point listed
    • The game tells you at what quest the knowledge transfer stops
  • North Vern Boosting provides a free 302 combat gear and combat level 50
  • Unlocks are sequential, meaning you need to start with North Vern, then Rohendel, and so on
    • You can skip them by completing the quests yourself however 
  • There are scaling requirements to the boosts
    • Basically you can boost every other character
  • Limit to only 9 Knowledge Transfers per tier (Not content tier)

How Does Knowledge Lost Ark Transfer Work?

Now that you know the basics of Knowledge Transfer, it’s time to look at how exactly it works. 

The system is actually very simple and just requires some Stronghold progress, then talking to an NPC to unlock. As mentioned, you’ll have to complete the content on another character before you know Knowledge Transfer to another. 

Lets take a look at unlocking and how to Knowledge Transfer;


  • Level your Stronghold and complete the introduction to it
  • Receive a notification for the quest Nothing is Impossible for Cykins!
  • The quest should come from Adeline outside of your manor
  • Complete Nothing is Impossible for Cykins! by talking to NPCs on the island

How to Knowledge Transfer

  • Talk to the Knowledge Transfer Machine (Western side of your Stronghold)
  • It is also selectable from the Management Screen under Knowledge
  • Decide which content you want to skip to: North Vern, Rohendel, Yorn, or Feiton
  • Make sure you have the required item level for the content
  • Pay gold to begin the knowledge transfer
  • Wait 8 hours
  • Enjoy your unlock quests on the character 
Knowledge Transfer UI

For the example screen shot above, you can see that Shurma can unlock the Feiton content at item level 960. Meaning, once I reach T2.5 item level (960), I can use the Knowledge Transfer to skip the main story quest content and unlock the T2.5 content for 1,600 gold and an 8 hour wait.  

That’s all there really is to it. The Lost Ark Knowledge Transfer is a great quality of life feature, making it an easy to get alts to recent content. Make sure to take advantage of it to easily explore the other classes the game has to offer!