The Grand Prix afterparty is no live on the Wild Wings Event Island. Head on over to the island just outside of Tortoyk to spend your Chicking Festival Coin for some sweet loot. This event will end on June 16th, 2022, so make sure to get your weekly purchases as often as possible before it is over. We encourage you to use a [Bifrost] Waypoint just outside of the Island so you can quickly get there.

Introduction to Wild Wings Event Island

In any major city, you can interact with an NPC with a bright pink quest icon to start the quest [Event] Invitation to the Afterparty. Also, the only requirement for this quest is that you can sail the open seas and have an item level of 250+. Once you accept the quest, you are to head to the island and talk to the NPC Chimek. When you get there and talk to him, you will complete the quest and earn 50 Chicking Festival Coins.

Wild Wings Event - Intro Quest
[Event] Invitation to the Afterparty Quest UI

Daily Wild Wings Events

As with all events, there are daily activities you can take part of to earn extra tokens. The first thing there is the repeatable daily quest [Daily] Festival’s Success. This quest has you use a Net to catch 10 chickens while there. Also, completing this quest will award you with 200 Chicking Festival Coins.

Wild Wings Event - Daily Quest
Daily Event Quest

Revenge of the Chicken! (Mini-Event)

Every hour on the Wild Wings Island, there is an event that triggers wherein you transform yourself into a chicken by interacting with a large egg. While in chicken form you can attack and defeat the Crispy Golden Chicking who starts with 1,999,000 HP to earn 900 Chicking Festival Coins.

While a chicken you have 4 different abilities to use; The first agility, [Q] Chicken’s Anguish which is a simple forward peak attack. Second abillity, [W] Chicken’s Counter which is 5 quick peaks while walking forward. Third ability, [E] Chicken’s Elegance which is your gap closer by dashing you forward. And finally [R] Cancel Transformation which as it sounds, returns you back to normal. Each attack ability will deal 999 points of damage upon contact with the Golden Chicking and 0 damage to everything else.

Wild Wings Event - Boss Chicken
A group attacking the Crispy Golden Chicking

Purify With the Heart (Mini-Event)

This mini-event triggers every hour at 55 minutes after the hour. Upon completing the event, you earn 100 Chicking Festival Coins. Ideally you will want to want to complete this event and then move over to the Revenge of the Chicken! That way you will earn a total of 1,000 tokens for doing them both.

Purify With the Heart is a simple event wherein you need to play Heart’s Melody to earn progress. Once enough players play this tune ~100 times, then the event will end and you will earn your tokens.

Wild Wings Event - Mini Event
Purify With the Heart Mini-Event

Other Activities

In addition to all the new content for this event, it is possible to complete normal game content to earn more Chicking Festival Coins. For example each of Una’s Tasks will reward you with 20.

Wild Wings Event Rewards

The rewards vendor, Chicolo, can be found on the eastern side of Wild Wings Island and has 2 pages of rewards to pick from. Additionally, you can find him in any major city. Also, make sure to switch between the rewards tabs if you can’t find what you are looking for.

The first tab will require 4,455 Chicking Festival Coins to purchase all the items. Afterwards you will need to spend 1,855 Chicking Festival Coins the following weeks to complete all the purchases.

The second tab will require 3,945 Chicking Festival Coins to purchase all the items. However, this is only ideal if you are leveling alts and want T1/T2/T3 honing materials. That said, you will need 840 Chicking Festival Coins for all the T1 Materials. Then 840 Chicking Festival Coins for all the T2 Materials. And finally 2,265 Chicking Festival Coins for all the T3 Materials.

First Tab – Special Sales

CostPurchase LimitPurchase CountItemReset
1071[Food] Tasty ChickingWeekly Character Limit
1071[Food] Irresistible Draft BeerWeekly Character Limit
50041[Cosmetic] Chicking Crest ChestEvent Roster Limit
3011Legendary Rapport Selection ChestWeekly Roster Limit
2031Una’s Tasks [Daily] Instant Completion PassWeekly Roster Limit
2031Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 (Instant Use)Weekly Roster Limit
2051Sailing Coin Selection ChestWeekly Roster Limit
2051Bloodclaw’s Glittering CoinWeekly Roster Limit
2051Creation FragmentWeekly Roster Limit
20201Legendary – Uncommon Card PackWeekly Roster Limit
32001Legendary Card PackEvent Roster Limit
40101PheonWeekly Roster Limit
2021Regulus’ Light Currency ChestWeekly Roster Limit
7511[T1] [Event] Metallurgy: Basic CastingWeekly Roster Limit
1551[T1] [Event] Tailoring: Basic DesignWeekly Roster Limit
7511[T2] [Event] Metallurgy: Basic FoldingWeekly Roster Limit
1551[T2] [Event] Tailoring: Basic KnotsWeekly Roster Limit
10011[T3] [Event] Metallurgy: Basic WeldingWeekly Roster Limit
2051[T3] [Event] Tailoring: Basic MendingWeekly Roster Limit
This is the first tab of rewards for the Wild Wings Event

Second Tab – Honing Materials

CostPurchase LimitPurchase CountItemReset
2033Harmony Shard Pouch (M)Weekly Roster Limit
2033Life Shard Pouch (M)Weekly Roster Limit
3033Honor Shard Pouch (M)Weekly Roster Limit
20154Harmony Leapstone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
20154Life Leapstone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
25154Honor Leapstone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
5065Great Honor Leapstone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
2045Star’s Breath (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
2045Moon’s Breath (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
15106Solar Grace (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
20102Solar Blessing (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
3051Solar Protection (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
201050Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
201050Destruction Stone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
252025Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
2010150Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
2010150Guardian Stone (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
252075Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound)Weekly Roster Limit
This is the second tab of rewards for the Wild Wings Event

That’s all there is to this Wild Wings Event in Lost Ark. Make sure to have a blast in this Grant Prix afterparty and we will see you for the next event!