All of the perks in New World are categorized using perk labels. In this guide, we have a detailed chart with all the New World Earring Perks and Perk Labels.

When crafting an item in New World you can not roll multiple perks within the same perk label. For example, if you roll Refreshing in the “CDR” perk label you can not also have the Refreshing Ward perk within the “CDR” perk label on the same Earring. 

You could however roll an item that has something within the “CDR” perk label and within the “Consume” perk label. For example, you could roll Refreshing and Healthy Toast on the same Earring. 

Below is a chart of all the Earring perks and their associated perk labels within New World (You can use “CTL + F” to search for applicable perks and perk labels)

Earring Perks and Perk Labels Chart

Perk LabelPerk Name
CDRRefreshing Ward
CDRRefreshing Evasion
ConsumeHealthy Toast
ConsumeMana Toast
ConsumePurifying Toast
ConsumeAddDuplicating Toast
ConsumeCDRRefreshing Toast
Trade SkillArcanist Mastery
Trade SkillArmorer Mastery
Trade SkillCooking Mastery
Trade SkillEngineer Mastery
Trade SkillJewelcrafter Mastery
Trade SkillWeaponsmith Mastery