Our Ancient DPS build pairs the Rapier and Ice Gauntlet together in one of the most potent PVE DPS builds in New World. Learn everything you need to know and more below for our New World Ancient DPS Build.

Mastery Points


Tondo, Flurry, Evade

In this Build, the Rapier is your primary DPS build. Flurry is your primary DPS ability that you’ll use as soon as it’s off cooldown. Tondo applies a bleed that deals damage over time and helps increase your DPS with Unerring. Evade and the Grace Tree’s Key Passive Momentum help provide a High level of Sustained DPS by using Evade to cancel your light attack chain and increase your damage by 30% in between Flurry Cooldowns.

Ice Gauntlet

Ice Storm, Ice Shower, Ice Pylon

The Ice Gauntlet is your back bar weapon, that can increase your damage over time in both single target and AOE situations. Ice Storm greatly improves the AOE damage of this build and helps provide passive DPS in single-target situations. Ice shower is a CC that can also provide DOT with the Deadly Frost Ability Perk. Icy Pylon provides a large increase in DPS against bosses and other single target situations. You will want to be careful where and when you place Ice pylon to avoid pulling aggro.


For Intermediate users, a 250 DEX, 150 INT, and 100 CON split is recommended. Once you get more comfortable with the setup and the use of consumables. Push Towards a 300 DEX, 200 INT, 5 CON Attribute distribution.


For this build, you will stay in the light equip load for the 20% damage increase. Below is the armor weight setup you’ll need to reach the optimal Light Equip Load.



Armor Perks

Your armor perks should resemble the list below. The perks are listed in order of importance from top to bottom. If you can only get access to purple gear, make sure to prioritize the Ward of your enemy type for that dungeon, etc.

  • Ancient Ward (5)
  • Keen Tondo
  • Omnidirectional Evade
  • Leeching Flurry
  • Pylon Burst
  • Deadly Frost
  • Refreshing (5)

Weapons and Weapon Perks

As with most builds in New World, a crafted weapon will be your BIS for this build. The perks are listed in order of importance from Left to Right. Two perk gear is very affordable atm so you should be able to get ahold of weapons with the purple perks listed.


Ancient Bane, Keenly Empowered, Rogue or Enchanted,

Ice Gauntlet

Ancient Bane, Unending Thaw, Keenly Jagged


Below are the recommendations for Jewelry. To get buy, prioritize two perk Jewelry until you can find access to Legendary gear.

AmuletHealth, Empowered, Refreshing

Ring – Keen Awareness, Blood Letting, Refreshing

Earring – Refreshing Toast, Refreshing, Healthy Toast

For some alternatives, you can use Featherweight Ring, Fanciful Earring


The Gems in your armor should be used to balance out the types of mitigation you have on your armor.

For mutations, you will want to slot the appropriate gem for the mutation type.

For Weapon Gems, You will use a Runeglass of Punishing Topaz in your rapier and a Runeglass of Punishing Opal in your Ice Gauntlet. It’s important to note, Ice Storm damage currently is not affected by elemental Gems such as a Topaz, Thus an Opal is recommended.

Runeglass Gem Upgrades

You can upgrade your standard gems to the Punishing Runeglass gem variant to deal additional damage with your melee attacks. For Example, When running the Hellfire mutation, you can Runeglass of Punishing Ruby in your armor to increase your DPS.

Currently, this is an expensive endeavor, especially in your armor, as mutation types change every week.

Heartgem Rune

For this build, you’ll use the  Brutal Heartrune of Detonate. Detonate gives a passive increase to DPS without interrupting your DPS rotation. You will take additional damage while it’s charging so be aware when activating the ability.

How to Use Build

The first thing we’ll cover is the Rapier Skill rotation. This is more complex than most DPS rotations and does take a bit to master.

** Its important to note the rapier has a 4-attack, light attack chain that we will be canceling after the third attack with the Evade Skill**

First, once the tank has gained aggro, cast Ice Storm and Ice Shower on your target(s). In most situations, you will then lay down your Ice Pylon within your shower, close to the Target(s). This is to gain the extra damage of the Pylon Weapon Perk Mod and get the cooldown reduction from the “Refreshing Frost” Ice Gauntlet Passive. You will want to be careful where you lay down the pylon as to not pull extra mobs.

Next, swap to your rapier and cast Tondo. Tondo will start your bleed stacking on targets and immediately activate the Keen Tondo Weapon Perk Mod. Next use Flurry then follow it up with an evade, then into your light attack chain.

By the time you reach your third attack in the rapier attack chain, evade will be available to use. Cast Evade again to cancel the attack chain and proc the increased damage from ‘Momentum”. You will Keep doing this until Tondo and Flurry are available. Cast Tondo followed by Flurry again, then rinse and repeat.

The Goal with the Rapier is to keep 3 stacks of bleed up on the target at all times and to use Flurry with the Evade-Light attack cancelation to keep high amounts of DPS on your target.

Here is the Rapier rotation in order:

Tondo>Evade>Flurry>Evade> 3 light attacks>Evade>3 light attacks >Evade

Once you have 3 stacks of bleed on the Target, swap back to your Ice Gauntlet, Cast all of your abilities, then swap back to your Rapier to continue your dps rotation.


New World Ancient DPS Build Conclusion

That completes our New World Ancient DPS Build Guide. For a complete walkthrough of the Ancient Expedition in New World, check out our Lazarus Instrumentality Guide.