Greater Blood Essence is one of the requirements for the main quest in V Rising. The game does not directly explain how to obtain Greater Blood Essence and it can be tough to obtain the Unsullied Heart needed to craft it. In this V Rising guide we’ll go over where you can find Unsullied Hearts. We will also go over an easier way to obtain Greater Blood Essence instead of farming Unsullied Hearts to craft them.

The mission to find Greater Blood Essence begins when you progress through the Quest line and land on the Quest, “Servants“. You will need to craft a Servant Coffin in order to progress the quest line. The coffin requires one Greater Blood Essence to craft.

servant coffin v rising

How to Get Unsullied Heart in V Rising

There are two ways to obtain Unsullied Hearts in V Rising. First, you can defeat blood V Blood Carriers (Bosses). You can track the location of the V Blood Bosses by pressing “K”. The second method is farming mobs that are level 16 or higher. The drop rate for the Unsullied Heart is not very high when killing regular level 16+ mobs. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stick with killing the blood carriers when trying to obtain the hearts early on.

The V Blood Carriers have a much higher chance of dropping the Unsullied Hearts as loot upon death. Therefore, utilizing the V Blood menu to track down the blood carriers that are fairly easy to kill is recommended during early game progression. Easy bosses to take out include Alpha Wolf, Rufus the Forman, Lidia the Chaos Archer, or Keely the Frost Archer.

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How to Craft Greater Blood Essence in V Rising & An Easier Way to Obtain It

In order to craft the Greater Blood Essence you will need a Blood Press in your castle. Press the default Key of “B” to open the build menu. You can navigate to the Production, Refinement tab to find the Blood Press. The blood press will take 8 Planks and 120 Stone to craft. You will then need to obtain 4 Unsullied Hearts to craft the Greater Blood Essence from the Unsullied Hearts.

As you progress in V Rising there is a much easier method of crafting Greater Blood Essence that does not require the use of Unsullied Hearts. However, this method requires a crafting recipe that you can only obtain after defeating a level 46 boss, Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

This boss roams the road in Farbane Woods. He is fairly challenging to take down. Once you have defeated him you will be rewarded with the recipe to craft Greater Blood Essence by using Blood Essence.

Blood Essence is a very common resource in comparison to Unsullied Hearts. This makes crafting Greater Blood Essence a much easier task.

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