How to Find Iron Ore in V Rising

Iron ore is an essential component in V Rising for your progression. Iron items will be the next tier up from Copper. As you progress you will quickly find the need for iron ingots in many of your recipes throughout your castle and as an essential component to increase your gear score. You will need to refine the iron ore into ingots in order to make those items.

ItemItem NameDescriptionItem Use
iron ore v risingIron
Reagent used for craftingUsed to refine into iron ingots at the furnace. Needed for equipment and structures.

The Haunted Iron Mine

The easiest way to find iron ore in V Rising is by making you way to the Haunted Iron Mine. The mine can be found in the southern region of Dunley Farmlands. You will likely be met with several groups of enemies that patrol the outside of the mine. It’s a good idea to clear these enemies and then break all of the barrels and crates around you for a possibility at some iron ore. There is also a chest that can spawn in the tent outside. It has the potential of dropping iron ingots.

The iron mine is much large than the Bandit Copper Mine where you probably found most of your copper ore. Once inside the mine you will see a plethora of iron nodes that you can mine., making this a very lucrative area to mine iron ore. However, the larger size is great for plenty of additional iron nodes, but it also comes with it’s fair share of danger. There are large groups of skeletons that patrol the area. Be aware of them as your mining so you don’t get caught unexpectedly.

v rising iron ore

Things to Look out for While Farming the Mine

You may also encounter the Undead Commander that roams the mines. If you’re mining solo you may want to avoid this fight. The Commander is a tough elite enemy that can deal quite a bit of damage. If you’re not careful you could easily die to the commander and potentially lose all your precious ore.

As you’re mining you will also see toxic eruptions happen from time to time. You will be able to see the telegraphs on the ground for the AoE’s that fall. Make sure you move out of the areas to avoid taking damage from the eruptions. These are fairly easy to avoid, but can be a pain if you’re fighting large groups of enemies or are just caught off guard.

The biggest threat in the mine is a V Boss, Meredith the Bright Archer. This is a level 50 boss that you will probably want to avoid if you’re sole purpose is iron ore. She is an expert marksman and a fairly challenging boss to take down. She roams around the mine so be aware of her presence and don’t get too greedy if you see her come around.

Meredith the bright archer v rising

Random Node Spawns

As you travel the map you will encounter random iron node spawns. This is much less efficient way to obtain iron ore than hitting the Haunted Iron Mine. However, if the iron mine is camped or there is too much competition you may want to resort to finding your iron in the open world. The random node spawns can be found primarily in the Dunley Farmlands, but you may also see the odd node elsewhere every now and then.

Servant Hunts

After some progression in the game you will be able to obtain servants. You can send your servants on hunts to gather resources for you. This is a great way to passively get iron ore. You will need to make sure your servants are well geared and then you can send them out to the Haunted Iron Mine. Depending on how long you send them out for, and their servant traits, it’s possible for them to bring back a very nice haul of iron ore for you.

What is Iron Ore Used For

You will use iron ore primarily to refine into iron ingots. Those ingots are then used in various recipes that you will need to progress in V Rising. In order to craft the ingots you will first need to place down a Furnace in your castle.

To do this you will need 480 stone and 60 copper ore. You will want to consider building a Forge Room as soon as possible as well. This will decrease the cost of the refining materials when using the furnace. You will also want to build multiple furnaces early in your progression. It takes some time to refine ore into ingots and having multiple furnaces will speed up that process significantly.

furnace V Rising

Once you have a furnace you simply need to interact with it and place the iron ore into the furnace. Without any perks from having a Forge Room, it will take 20 iron ore to make 1 iron ingot. With the forge room perks it will take 15 iron ore for 1 iron ingot.

How to Create Iron Gear

Once you have acquired your iron ingots you can then use those ingots to craft iron gear and structures. In order to create gear you will need to defeat Quincy the Bandit King to acquire the smithy structure. One you have it, you can place down the smithy in your forge room. You can then interact with it to create the iron line of weapons. This progression is important because it’s the next step in increasing your gear score. You will also increase you power by having access to your second weapon ability, used with the default key of “E”.

smithy v rising

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