What is a Jewellery Chamber in V Rising

In V Rising you can build various types of rooms for specific structures. These rooms will give you bonuses for those structures. These bonuses include things like reduced time to refine and reduced resources needed to refine. A Jewellery Chamber in V Rising will provide you with those bonuses when utilizing alchemy equipment placed within your alchemy room. To get started you will need to unlock Jewel Chamber Flooring in V Rising.

jewel chamber room v rising

How to Unlock the Jewel Chamber Flooring

To unlock Jewel Chamber flooring in V Rising you will need an Athenaeum. You will need to defeat a level 60 V Boss, Raziel the Shepherd to unlock the Athenaeum structure recipe. Once unlocked you can place it in your Library Room. It will cost you 40 scrolls, 12 scourgestone, and 8 reinforced planks.

In order to research the Jewel Chamber Flooring recipe you need to either find the specific jewel chamber schematic book or farm schematics to research a random recipe for a chance to get it. You’ll need to do this by searching areas in Silverlight Hills that have schematic drops. You can find those locations by hovering over areas within the zone. It takes 100 schematics to unlock a random recipe. It may take several random tries with paper to unlock it.

You will also be able to obtain a paper press later on in your progression. So, if you haven’t gotten the recipe by farming schematics you will be able to craft schematics versus farming it. However, crafting schematics is very resource expensive. It costs 18 silver ore, 3 spectral dust, and 6 scrolls to craft 1 schematic. You can learn how to unlock the paper press by checking our paper guide. You can also send your servants out on hunts to obtain schematics for you.

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Building the Jewellery Chamber in V Rising

Once you have unlocked jewel chamber flooring you’ll then want to enclose a room in your castle. Then, place down the flooring. The jewel chamber flooring can be placed down by pressing the default build key of “B”. Navigate to Castle, Floors, and jewel chamber flooring. Each tile will cost you 4 stone bricks and 2 gem dust. Doing these two things will provide you with 2 bonuses. You will receive a “Confined Room” bonus and a “Matching Floor Bonus.”

The Confined Room bonus will decrease the crafting and refining time by 25%. The Matching Floor bonus will decrease your cost of resources by 25%. This is incredibly valuable because it will take you much less raw material to convert into ingots and other usable items.

jewel chamber flooring v rising

All Structures that can be Used in a Jewellery Chamber

The Jewellery Chamber can give bonuses to the Gem Cutting Table, and Jewelcrafting Table.

gem cutting table v risingGem Cutting TableUsed to create cut gems into higher quality gems. They can then be used to create high-tier accessories, such as the Ruby Pendant.
jewelcrafting table v risingJewelcrafting TableUsed to craft Jewelry in V Rising.
Artisan TableA workstation used for crafting magical objects.