What are Tranquilizer Arrows in Ark

Tranquilizer arrows in Ark are used for rendering creatures unconscious. You would want to do this in order to tame the creature. Tranquiller arrows deal less damage than a stone arrow, but they increase your target’s Torpor. Once the Torpor meter reaches a certain level the target will be knocked out. Players have a Torpor stat as well.

Tranquilizer arrows in Ark can be used in the bow, the crossbow, and the compound bow. When you land a hit with tranquilizer arrow it will instantly increase your target’s Torpor by an amount equal to 200% of weapon damage. It also give an additional amount of Torpor equal to 250% of the weapon damage over the course of the next 4 seconds. Therefore, the bow will do the least amount of Torpor damage with Tranquilizer arrows and the compound bow will do the most.

IconItemAmmo ForDescriptionRequired Level
Tranq arrow in arkTranquilizer ArrowBow; Crossbow; Compound BowLess deadly than other arrows, but rapidly increases the victim’s torpidity. Used to knock out your target. 21

How to Craft Tranquillizer Arrows

In order to craft a tranquilizer arrows you first need learn the engram. You must be level 21 in order to learn the engram. First, you will need to craft stone arrows. You can craft them from your character crafting menu. It will cost you 2 thatch, 2 fiber, and 1 flint to craft 1 stone arrow. Then, you will need to craft Narcotics.

To craft Narcotics you will need to place down a Mortar and Pestle. You will need to obtain narcoberries and spoiled meat, put them in the mortar and pestle, and craft the narcotics. It costs 5 narcoberries and 1 spoiled meat to craft 1 narcotic. An easy way to obtain a lot of spoiled meat quickly is to put some raw meat in your inventory and split the entire stack. This will allow each raw meat to spoil individually netting you a lot of spoiled meat quickly. Otherwise you will obtain 1 spoiled meat at a time if you leave the raw meat stacked.

Once you have obtained some narcotics you can then craft the tranquilizer arrows. You can do this from the crafting screen in your inventory. Simply select the Tranquilizer arrow and craft the desired amount. It will 1 stone arrow and one narcotic to craft the tranquilizer arrow.

How to Use Tranquilizers in Ark

To use the tranquilizer arrow you need to drag them from your inventory onto the desired weapon you wish to use. You can then shoot your target. Each arrow landed will increase the Torpor of your target until they are eventually knocked out.

A second arrow that hits the target will not over ride the torpor over time effect of the first arrow. The effects of multiple arrows will stack. This means that you do not have to wait in between shots to gain maximum torpor on your target. However, the torpor increase takes 5 seconds per arrow. Therefore, if your target is near unconsciousness you would be better off waiting after each shot so you do not damage the target if you are trying to tame a dinosaur.

If you are trying to knock a dinosaur to tame it, it’s also important to not leave the render distance of the creature you are trying to tame. This could remove the tranquilizer debuff effect and force you to start the process over of trying to knock out the dinosaur.