Welcome to our Diablo 4 Ashava Guide. Below we will discuss Ashava, one of three World Bosses currently available in Diablo 4. Going into the where, when and how to fight Ashava.

Where does Ashava spawn?

To start of this Diablo 4 Ashava Guide, where do you actually find her? There are 5 World Boss arena’s at which the World Bosses spawn, one in each main area. See the screenshot for reference.

When to fight Ashava?

The world bosses including Ashava will only spawn after completing the campaign at least once. As of right now it seems there is no set schedule. Before Ashava spawns there will be a notification with a 15 minute count down on the world map.

Ashava Fight Mechanics

Let’s dive into mechanics with our Diablo 4 Ashava Guide! Ashava is not a hard boss to fight. All of the attacks have a great tell and are easy to spot, if you know what you are looking for. Below we will help you understand and know what to look for in your upcoming fight with Ashava.

Phases of the fight – Ashava has 4 phases. Upon reaching each phase she will drop potions.

Stagger bar – Keep an eye out on the stagger bar, the yellow bar just below the health bar. Using crowd control abilities will fill up the stagger bar resulting in staggering Ashava, giving you extra time to attack without repercussion. Additionally Ashava will have one of her Blades shattered after which she deals reduced damage. 

Bite Attack – Ashava will perform a frontal bite attack. Stay to the side or behind Ashava.

Diablo 4 Ashava Guide

Slam Attack – Ashava will perform a ground slam with her arm / arms. Ashava will use 1 and slam the ground or use 2 arms to slam and drag them back dealing damage along the way. The slam shows 2 glowing circles on the ground. Stay to the side of Ashava or directly in the middle behind her ( this is a rather small area, the side is safer ).

Diablo 4 Ashava Guide

Jump attack – Ashava will perform a jump, either forward or to the side. The attack does not target players. When you find yourself in the area of impact try to dodge out of the area.

Diablo 4 Ashava Guide

Swipe Attack – Ashava will perform a 360 degree swipe, a full swing with the left arm and half a swing after with the right arm. You can tell it is coming when Ashava moves her left arm across her body getting ready to swing. The easiest way to avoid damage is getting close to Ashava, directly below her or very close. 

Diablo 4 Ashava Guide

Poison Attack – Ashava will perform a spitting attack leaving 3 pools of poison in a line in front of her. Use your dodge when caught in the impact area, and most importantly, do not stand in the poison.

Diablo 4 Ashava Guide

Extra tips

To finish of our Diablo 4 Ashava guide we will give you some extra tips for your fight with Ashava.

Elixir of poison resistance – In any major City you can get yourself a poison resistant elixir. She deals mostly poison damage therefor this will greatly help you in the fight. For more info on what elixirs are available and general info on vendors you can take a look at our Vendor Guide.

Vulnerable – Keeping Ashava vulnerable throughout the fight will result in her taking 20% extra damage from all sources. For more info on Vulnerable and other status effects you can take a look at our Buffs and Debuffs Guide.

Difficulty – Fight Ashava in a World Tier you are comfortable with, after completing the campaign on your character to unlock the world bosses you should have no issue fighting in World Tier 2.


This should give you a decent idea of what to expect in the fight with Ashava.

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