While we’re still eagerly awaiting the release of Lost Ark’s new Bronze Founder’s Pack (and of course Lost Ark itself), the developers have given us a treat today. The official store page has been updated with a few new images, including the Founder’s Pack Pet and Mount. 

Let’s take a look at all of the newly revealed additions. 

Lost Ark Founder’s Pack Pet and Mount

Thanks to a new update, we now have HD images of most of the Founder’s Pack content, which you can find below.. The Founder’s Pack pet (present in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packs) is a cute kitty cat. Meanwhile, the exclusive mount is a three-headed fox that comes in six shades, but it is only available in the most expensive Platinum Founder’s Pack. 

There are also two different avatars, with a Platinum exclusive, as well as a toy train, which again comes in the Platinum pack.

We are, however, still waiting on news of Founder’s titles, as well as the exclusive Platinum Founder title. Hopefully, they’ll be released soon and we’ll of course keep you updated as news arrives! 

Bronze Founder’s Pack Release Date

Additionally, the Bronze Founder’s Pack also released today. The update of cosmetics likely comes as a result of the new pack coming today.

Until then, you can check out all the information about the Bronze Founder’s Pack here, which is set to be a budget option and feature limited rewards for a cheaper price. There are also three other Founder’s Packs already available, all of which range in price and number of results. 

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