Lost Ark is on the way to the west and players are able to pre-purchase the game with Founders Packs. These were previously split into three tiers, silver, gold, and platinum, as well as seeing vastly different prices depending on the region. However, Smilegate have now announced a Lost Ark Bronze Founder Pack, as well as some changes. 

Lost Ark Bronze Founder Pack

The Bronze Founder Pack was announced by Roxx, a developer posting on the game’s Steam forums. With regional pricing changes making the packs a touch less available for players, the Bronze pack is set to fix this problem. 

It will be a cheap pack, which will feature a few fewer goodies. However, it will still include: “3-day head start at launch, the exclusive Founder’s pet, and more.” 

The aim of the pack is clearly to give players an affordable way to buy into the closed beta and the head start, as well as support the game. This is definitely a good addition after the recent price changes, which made the game less affordable.

It has now been revealed that the Bronze Founder’s Pack costs $14.99. It features: Beta Access, a Head Start, a Founder’s Mount, 30-Day Crystalline Aura, and a Founder’s title. You can check out the details below:

Founder Pack Regional Price Changes

In other news, the Founder packs also saw sweeping price changes, depending on regions. This comes as a response to player concerns that the low pricing of some regions could be abused, damaging the economy with extra gold and Blue Crystals. 

The biggest changes come for Turkish players, who saw the price of their founder packs almost triple. However, there were also significant increases for Mexican, Norwegian, Polish, American, and Canadian players. 

It should reduce the impact of these bonuses once the game is live. This is because it is now a lot less profitable to purchase packs. However, some players have no doubt already stockpiled cheap accounts, so it remains to be seen how much damage was done. 

Lost Ark Bronze Founder Pack Price

Roxx has also confirmed the price of the Bronze Founder’s Pack, which as of July 26 stands at $14.99. This makes it a solid budget option and will still allow players to gain early access to the game, as well as some goodies.