The Fourth Raid Level 1 Lost Ark Guardian Raid boss you’ll face is Vertus.  You will need to be Item level 420 to face Vertus.  Find out how to take him down in our Lost Ark Vertus Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Destruction Bombs and Whirlwind Grenades

Vertus Boss Mechanics

  • Twin Slash – Vertus will raise his claw and perform two frontal attack slashes.
  • Charge – Similar to other Guardians, Vertus will glow blue and then charge forward.  You can interrupt this attack with a counter skill or dodge out of the way.
  • Leap – Vertus will close the gap between him and a player.  You will need to dodge or use an immune skill to prevent getting knockdown
  • Frost Breath – Vertus will take a deep breath in and breathe out Frost Breath forwards in a large cone attack.  
  • Frost  Beam – Vertus will take a deep breath similar to Frost Breath and Launch Frost Beam, sweeping his head back and forth
  • Ice Breaker (Dive) – Vertus will dive into the ground, breaking the ice.  He will then Launch himself out of the ice at the player with aggro.    
  • Icy Grasp – Vertus will grab a player and slam him around against the ice.  Players can stack stagger on Vertus to make him drop the player before the attack is complete.
  • Icy Eruptions – Vertus will stomp the ground and red AOE circles will appear.  Move out of the red circles to avoid getting stunned.
  • Ice Orb – Vertus breaths out an Icy Orb that deals low damage.  
  • Tail Whip – Vertus will wag his tail back and forth then Whip his tail in a rear attack that will stun players
  • Tailspin – Vertus will lift his right leg and then spin his tail around in a circular AOE attack.  Tailspin has a knock-up effect if landed.
  • Tail Slam – Vertus will slam his tail on the ice multiple times.  

Vertus Guardian Raid Strategy

Vertus is the first challenging Guardian Raid in Lost Ark and rounds out the first group of Tier 1 Guardian Raids.  This fight is mechanic intensive, so as long as you know where to be and when to be there you will have no problem defeating Vertus. 

Most of Vertus’s attacks are the same as the previous Tier 1 Guardian Raids. Twin Slash and Charge are frontal attacks that are telegraphed and easily dodged. Leap is a little bit more tricky to dodge but you can use any spell with immunity to avoid taking damage if you have trouble dodging.

When you see Vertus take a breath, make sure to move to his side/flank to avoid Frost Beam and Frost Breath.  If a party member gets caught by Icy Grasp, Don’t forget to stack your High and Medium stagger abilities on Vertus to release the player.  You can also use Whirlwind Grenades to help stagger Vertus during Icy Grasp.  

Vertus has a large range of attacks to CC players, he has abilities such as Icy Eruptions and his Tail set up for Icy Grasp.  Make sure to avoid these abilities as much as possible to avoid getting grabbed by Icy Grasp and getting slammed to death.  

Enrage and Breaking Vertus’s Tail

Once you push Vertus to his enrage state, Vertus will turn read.  Once Enraged, players need to start applying High and Medium stagger abilities to stack stagger.  This will knock Vertus out and open up an attack window on Vertus’s Tail.  During this window, players can use PART BREAK abilities to break off Vertus’s tail and prevent him from using Tail Whip, Tailspin, and Tail Slam.  This will make it easier for you and your group to use back attacks on Vertus.  You can also use Destruction Bombs to break Vertus’s Tail during this phase.  

Breaking Vertus Tail makes the fight much easier to finish and should be done when possible.  

Vertus Loot

After defeating Vertus, you have the chance to collect some of these rewards:

  • Vertus Card
  • Arkesia Event coins
  • Legendary Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet
  • Tier 1 Honing Material
  • Epic Ability Stones
  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Uncommon Galewind Rune

Vertus Guardian Raid Guide Conclusion.

That does it for the Lost Ark Vertus.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Chromanium.