The First Raid Level 2 Lost Ark Guardian Raid boss you’ll encounter is Chromanium.  You will need to be Item level 460 to enter the Chromanium Guardian Raid.  Find out how to take him down in our Lost Ark Chromanium Guardian Raid Guide.

USEFUL ITEMS TO BRING – Destruction Bombs

Chromanium Boss Mechanics

  • Hard Shell – Chromanium has a passive mechanic that requires players to break his shell to deal full damage
  • Frontal Slam – Chromanium lifts his front legs to stand up.  He will then slam to the ground causing a small AOE attack.
  • Side Slam – Similar to Frontal Slam, Chromanium lifts one side up and slams it to the ground creating a small AOE attack.
  • Leap – Chromanium will bend down, spread his legs, and Leap forward in the air.  When he lands he will deal damage to players underneath him.  He does occasionally cast leap back to back. 
  • Heat-seeking Orb – Chromanium will open his shell to launch a PURPLE orb from his cannon.  This Orb will follow a nearby player.  If the Orb hits a player is will stun them. 
  • Mortar Orb – Chromaunium will launch a RED mortar orb from his Cannon.  This will land on the ground and create small red damage AOE.
  • Mortar Shower – Chromanium will launch a bunch of small red mortars into the air creating a Mortar Shower.  
  • Summoning Roar – Chromanium will let out a LOUD ROAR and summon 4 glowing orbs all around him.  These will persist on the ground for an extended period of time and cause AOE damage.  
  • Steam Breath – Chromanium will let out a large breath of steam in a thin, long AOE cone.
  • Steam Beam – Chromanium will sweep his head back and forth releasing a Beam of Steam to attack enemies
  • Earthquake – Steam will Flow into Chromanium’s body, charging up for a massive slam.  Once Chromium slams his feet to the ground, he will cause a large earthquake all around him.  THIS ABILITY MUST BE DODGED.

Chromanium Guardian Raid Strategy

Chromanium has a Hard Shell defense that players will need to break to deal full damage to the Guardian.  Your first goal should be to use Destruction Bombs and your Break Skills to break this shell.  Once you break Cromanium’s shell, you’ll need to stagger him using high (or medium) stagger abilities.  You will then be able to deal Full damage to Chromanium.

From here, deal damage as much as possible and continue to be mindful of All of Chromanium’s attacks, especially Earthquake.  If you see Chromanium pulling steam into his legs and body.  Make sure you step away from a good distance away from him.  He will feign this attack sometimes by pulling steam into his legs and not stomping.  You can tell if it’s a feign or not when he starts to stomp his feet on the ground IMMEDIATELY after he pulls steam into himself.  


Chromanium will enter into his final phase when his eyes and the cannon on the back of the shell glow red permanently.  In this phase, Mortar Orb will stay on the ground for an extended period of time and deal AOE damage.  Summoning Roar will also persist on the ground for an extended period of time and gain a Gravitational pull, pulling players to the center of the AOE.  

Other than the changes mentioned above, the rest of Chromanium’s attacks will stay the same.  Continue to mind his mechanics and you’ll have no problem downing the Guardian.

Chromanium Loot

After defeating Chromanium, you have the chance to collect some of these rewards:

  • Chromanium Card
  • Arkesia Event coins
  • Legendary Earrings, Necklace, and Amulet
  • Tier 1 Honing Material
  • Legendary Ability Stones
  • Uncommon and Rare Class Engraving Recipe
  • Rare Galewind Rune

Lost Ark Chromanium Guide Conclusion.

That does it for the Lost Ark Vertus.  Make sure to check out the next Guardian Raid Guide, Nacrasena.