This New World greatsword hatchet PvP build is intended for outpost rush and 3v3 PvP arenas. This is a light armor, high damage build. This build excels at chasing down opponents and applying very high burst damage. You can single out targets and take them down quickly.


  • High single-target damage
  • Good mobility
  • Decent single-target crowd control
  • Great escapability


  • Glass Cannon

Mastery Points


For this build, you will utilize the greatsword for mobility and high burst damage. The recommended abilities are:

Relentless Rush

Skyward Slash

Steadfast Strike

Relentless rush is a great movement ability that will allow you to root your opponent if fully upgraded. This is important for the ability rotation with this build.

Skyward slash will apply rend to your target, and when fully upgraded will also apply disease. This makes this ability a great opener.

Steadfast strike will pull your target towards you allowing you to set up the rest of your combo.

The remaining passives taken will enhance your overall damage output.

new world greatsword build


The hatchet is going to be utilized to dish out more damage, root your target, and will be used for mobility and great survivability. The recommended abilities are the following:

Feral Rush


Social Distancing

Berserk is the staple of your hatchet abilities. You will want to fully upgrade this ability. By doing so you will gain additional speed, life steal, crowd control break upon activation, and uninterruptible attacks. You will want to upgrade Feral Rush to maximum as well. This will provide you with additional damage from the ability and root if you hit your target in the back.

Social distancing is a great ability to get yourself out of gravity wells and help dodge other abilities. You will want to upgrade it once to take advantage of the haste it provides when hitting your a target with an active debuff.

The hatchet has low blocking stability making this an ineffective weapon to block with. Therefore, you will want to forego your block in place of the aimed throw passive. This will provide you with a decent mid range option that can be used to take down fleeing targets. It can also be utilized to deal some poke damage at targets trying to kite you. You can utilize your shield to block attacks.

You will also want to take the defy death key passive or ultimate. This passive is incredibly strong. You can utilize to bait opponents into being overly aggressive, or get your self out of sticky situations.

The remaining passives will help increase your damage and mitigation.

new world hatchet pvp build


In order to gain maximum damage you will want to take the following:

  • 300 Strength
  • 150 Dexterity
  • 150 Constitution

If you are having a hard time surviving or still getting burst down in onslaught stance then you can take 50 points from dexterity and apply that to constitution.


In this section of the Build, we will break down what equipment you will use. This includes armor perks, weapon perks, and equip weight.

You will want to be in the light equip weight category. This gives you additional damage and mobility with the light dodge roll. The way to obtain light equip weight for this build is the following:

Light chest, helmet, gloves, legs, and boots.

Barrier to Entry

Obtaining best in slot gear can is very difficult. The below recommendations are what you should shoot for, however, if you’re just getting started with the greatsword and hatchet build you would want 5 piece Elemental Aversion and the weapon perk of relentless freedom on a piece of armor.

This will allow you to be competitive as you progress into better gear.


Most of the armor you need to run the greatsword hatchet build will be obtained through crafting or random drops. Below are the recommended perks for your setup:

  • Freedom (4)
  • Refreshing (4)
  • Elemental Aversion (4)
  • Relentless Freedom
  • Crippling Feral Rush


Artifact Weapon

The Artifact Weapon of choice for this build is the Serenity Greatsword. Serenity has everything you could want on your Greatsword.


For you greatsword you will want to shoot for the following perks:

Trenchant Strikes

Arboreal Attunement

Keenly Jagged

If you rolling with a 2 perk greatsword shoot for the items in purple, until you can get the legendary version. This would have to be a crafted weapon.

Some good farmable options are the following:

Fleshripper – Dropped by mobs in the Greater Tribulation area of Shattered Mountain

Heelstrike – Dropped by Tazorjaw in Ebonscale Reach

Putrefaction – Dropped by level 60+ mobs in the open world (farmed easiest in Brimstone Sands, also drops in elite chests in the area)

Sonic Sword – Dropped by Broadpaw and Gnasher

Supplicium – Dropped by mobs in the Opulence area of Shattered Mountain

Slipstream – Dropped from Mozrul the Herald in Great Cleave


For your hatchet the following are all great options listed in order:

(1) Berserker’s Axe – PvP reward track (Recommended)

(2) The Tiger’s Instinct – Dropped from Borvarn

(3) Driftwood – Farmed from the Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition.

(4) Accursed End – Farmed from the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition (mutated version only)


Amulet – Shirking Empower, Divine, Health A good alternate option that is farmable is the Blessing of Forefathers Amulet. It can be farmed from the Depths mutation. For an artifact, we highly recommend “Ankh”.

Ring – For your ring, you can utilize the Heart of Maahebgal. This ring can be obtained from Brimstone Sands.

Earring – For your earring, you can farm out the Doom’s Chance from the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. However, you ideally would want to shoot for Nimble in place of Regenerating for the earring. “Endless Thirst” is another great artifact choice.

Gems & Runeglass Gem Upgrades

For this build you will want to stick with normal gems. Slot an opal in both weapons and shoot for 15-20% thrust protection and 15-20% slash protection.

Heartgem Rune

The heartgem rune of choice for this build is the Cunning Heartrune of Detonate. You can activate the heartrune and gain empowerment. This will allow you to start your combo with a lot of increased damage and then gain additional burst on the explosion of the detonate rune.


You’ll want to utilize the following consumables for this build:

Honing Stone

Infused Health Potion

Infused Regeneration Potion

Hearty Meal

Banana Bread

Along with a stat food depending on your attribute distribution from your gear. You can check a full list of consumables by checking out our consumables guide.

How to Use Build

This build is centered around high damage heavy attacks from your greatsword. You will want to open the encounter with steadfast strikes in order to pull your target close to you and stagger them. This will allow you to follow up with skyward slash in order to apply debuffs to your target. From here, activate relentless rush in order to root and slow the enemy. You can then heavy attack for massive damage to secure the kill.

Steadfast strikes does not always have to be the opening ability if the opportunity is there for you to open with skyward slash. You can save your steadfast strikes for additional crowd control if the enemy tries to run away.

The hatchet can also be utilized as an opener to root a target if the opportunity is there. You must hit the target in the back to activate the root. If you can land this you can then follow up with a skyward slash into relentless rush into your heavy attacks.

Both berserk and relentless rush (with the relentless freedom perk) can break out of crowd control. You can also utilize your social distancing to get out of gravity wells and other crowd control as well, and utilize it to create space between yourself and your enemy.