Garlic Exposure Basics

As you progress out of Farbane Woods and make your way into Dunley Farmland you will encounter some new mechanics. One of those mechanics is a garlic debuff in V Rising that you’ll find in most farm areas in Dunley Farmland.

The farmers protect themselves by tying garlic to all the posts and homes throughout the farms. When you enter an area protected by garlic you will begin to build stacks of garlic exposure. Your garlic exposure debuff builds and gets worse the more stacks you have. You can build up to 100 stacks of the debuff.

Garlic Exposure V Rising

What Does the Garlic Debuff in V Rising Do

The garlic debuff in V Rising can be detrimental to vampire players. The debuff will weaken you and make you more susceptible to damage. The effect stacks up to 100 times. Each stack of the debuff increases your damage taken by 1% and reduces your damage output by 0.5%.

If you reach a full 100 stacks you will receive and additional 100% damage from all damage sources, and will deal 50% less damage. The effect wears off over time when not exposed. Having the garlic debuff also makes you smell bad, which will increase the range which enemies detect you.

Garlic Debuff V Rising

How to Increase your Garlic Resistance

You can utilize various methods to increase your garlic resistance so you can stifle the garlic debuff in V Rising. Pressing the default key of “Tab” will access your character screen. There you can view all of your resistances to the right of your character, such as, Sun, Garlic, Holy, Fire, and Silver.

Garlic Resistance V Rising

If you increase your resistance to garlic it will reduce the application rate in which you receive stacks of the debuff, reduce the amount of maximum stacks you can receive, and increase your recovery time. At 15 garlic resistance you will reduce the application stacks you receive by 60%, increase your recovery rate from the debuff by 60%, and reduce the maximum stacks that you can receive to 89 instead of 100.

You can increase you resistance to garlic by utilizing consumables, gear, and vampire powers.


Minor Garlic Resistance BrewMinor Garlic Resistance BrewIncreases Garlic Resistance rating by 25 for 20 minutesPolora the FeywalkerAlchemy Table
Garlic Resistance Potion V RisingGarlic Resistance PotionIncreases Garlic Resistance rating by 50 for 20 minutesUnlocked via StudyAlchemy Table

Vampire Power

Bear Form V RisingBear FormIncreases Resistances by 25, movement speed +15%, damage reduction +25%, and regenerate health quickerObtained from defeating Ferocious Bear


Hunters Cloak V RisingHunter’s Cloak+18 Max Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver Resistance Beatrice the TailorTailoring Bench
Phantom’s Veil+24 Max Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver Resistance; +15 Fire Resistance; +15 Holy Resistance Magnus the OverseerTailoring Bench

You can also obtain items from drops that have garlic resistance on them. These items are much like the items you can craft above, but dropped from chests or monsters. For example, the Thousand-Stitch Cloak has the same perks as the Hunter’s Cloak. However, the Thousand stitch cloak is obtained from a drop and the Hunter’s Cloak is obtained via crafting.

Hunters Cloak V Rising

How to Remove the Garlic Debuff in V Rising

In order to remove the debuff you just have to wait it out. It takes roughly 20 seconds for 1 stack to be removed without any type of garlic resistance.

At 90 garlic resistance it will take roughly 20 seconds for four stacks to be removed. Also, at 90 garlic resistance your maximum stacks of the garlic debuff you can receive is reduced from 100 to 33. You can obtain 90 garlic resistance by using a Hunter’s Cloak, Garlic Resistance Potion, and Bear Form.

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