There’s many different Wayfinder base stats. Each server a different purpose. Most of them are simple to understand, however, a couple are unique to Wayfinder and require a little more explanation. In order to understand how damage is calculated in Wayfinder you will need to first understand what the function is of each base stat. This guide is going to walk through what each of the base stats are, what they do, and how damage is calculated in Wayfinder. This includes what resilience does in Wayfinder.

Wayfinder Base Stats

Below you will find all of the Wayfinder base stats and a brief explanation of them. Most of the base stats are straight forward. However, in the following sections you will find a more in depth explanation of the Resilience and Break Power mechanics.

How Damage is Calculated in Wayfinder

Max Health

This is the maximum number of hit points your character has. You will enter what’s called the gloom grasp state once your health is depleted. This is essentially a bleed out state. You will be downed and will have a short amount of time to be revived by a teammate (you have the option to die immediatley). If not revived you will die. You can also utilize a revival consumable item if you have one equipped.


This stat determines how much impact you can take before you become block broken. When your block is broken you will be stagged when hit.

Weapon Power

Increasing this stat will increase the damage of weapon attacks and weapon abilities.

Ability Power

This stat determines how much damage and effectiveness you will have with character abilities.

Crit Rating

Increasing crit rating will increase the chance you have to land a critical hit.

Crit Power

This stat determines how much damage you will deal when you land a critical hit.

Break Power

Increasing this stat will increase the amount of guard break damage dealt to enemies.

Phys Defense

Your physical defense determines how much attack power you will mitigate from your enemies.

Mag Defense

Magic defense determines how much abilitiy power you will mitigate from your enemies.

Resilience & Break Power

Reslience in Wayfinder is a mechanic that essentially provides additional armor. There is a yellow bar above your health bar. This is your resilience bar. If your resilience bar is broken you will lose your damage reduction, take more damage, and will be interupted by attacks.

Your resilience bar will slowly regenerate over time, and after it’s broken it will regenerate back to full after a short period. However, during the period of being depleted you will be very vulnerable to taking damage.

If you increase your resilience stat this will increase the amount of damage you can take before your block is broken.

Enemies that you encounter in Wayfinder will also have a resilience bar. This bar can be broken and the same effects will be applied to your enemy. You can increase your Break Power stat in order to deal more damage to an enemy’s resilience bar.

It’s incredibly effective if you have someone in your group that can deal high amounts of break damage, and other high damage dealing characters than can then capatalize after the guard is broken.

how resilience works in wayfinder

How Damage is Calculated in Wayfinder

Each attack or ability has its own multiplier of your attack power or ability power to deal damage and break power to do break damage if they are armored and have a resilience bar.

Attack power is used for all weapon attack and weapon abilities. Ability power is used for all character abilities. Break power is always used for doing break damage from any source. Enemies have no physical or magic defense like the player so the only damage reduction on enemies will come from a buff or if they are armored (they will reduce incoming damage while not guard broken, just like the player).

Example: for some Sword and Shield attacks:
Sword attack 1: -Atk power * 0.75 -Break power *0.3
Sword attack 6: -Atk power * 1.1 -Break power *0.4
Shield attack 1: -Atk power * 0.55 -Break power *0.95
Shield attack 4: -Atk power * 0.7 -Break power *1.5

Enemies work the same way where they have attack power, ability power and break power. Players have physical defense which mitigates some damage from attacks that use attack power, magic defense mitigates damage from enemy attacks that use ability power. Enemy break power will damage the player’s Resilience bar.