Arcane power flows through Kyros, and he can unleash this force to devastate his enemies. Kyros is the last survivor of a forgotten civilization, a wizard who transformed his flesh into pure mystical energy. In our Kyros Guide, we’ll walk you through his Abilities, Signature Weapon, and Back Story.

Kyros Abilities

Kyros has four different abilities. While he prefers to avoid close combat, Kyros wields tremendous mystical power. He can scatter foes with blasts of raw energy, form arcane shields, and crush enemies with a massive shockwave.

Kyros has a mechanic centered around Arcane Fragments that float around him. You can spend these Fragments to have different effects on each ability. Kyros four abilities are as follows:

Savage Rake

Kyros rakes the ground with violent energy in a frontal attack. Savage Rake can be cast at no cost when consuming Arcane Fragments.

  • Level 1 – Increases Rake damage by 10%
  • Level 2 – Unlock a third Savage Rake combo finisher which deals an extra 25% damage
  • Level 3 – Hitting a target with Savage Rake heals Kyros a small amount

Siphon Radiant

Kyros releases a wave of energy around him that damages enemies and absorbs arcane power, reducing cooldowns and granting an Arcane Fragment.

  • Level 1 – Cooldown reduction increased to 50%
  • Level 2 – Siphon Radiant generates one fragment per enemy hit, up to the fragment cap
  • Level 3 – increases damage taken for 10 seconds

Arcane Focus

Marks enemies in an area. Hitting marked enemies builds up in power and detonates at max, or when it expires.

  • Level 1 – Increases explosion damage by 10%
  • Level 2 – Increase AOE around Kyros
  • Level 3 – Deals a small burst of damage each time you hit a target with Arcane Focus

Hand of Reckoning

Conjure Hand of Reckoning from the sky, resulting in a gigantic fist dealing massive area damage.

  • Level 1 – Slows enemies by 50% for 6 seconds
  • Level 2 – Generates an arcane fragment per enemy hit
  • Level 3 – Increases damage by 15%

Kyros Passive Ability

Kyros Wayfinder passive is Arcane Fragments

Signature Weapon


Each character in Wayfinder has a signature weapon. Kyros Signature Weapon is Epitaph. Crafted by the infamous Mother of Shadows, Epitaph feeds on the essence of its enemies even as it spills their blood. At Last, It whispers to you, urging you to battle.

Weapon Ability – Arcane Harvest

A spinning slash that deals damage in a 360-degree arc and steals Ability Power from enemies. Increases the player’s Ability Power per enemy hit.

Kyros and Heroic Kyros Starting Attributes


Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit Rating Crit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Heroic Kyros

Max HealthAttack PowerAbility PowerCrit Rating Crit PowerBreak PowerPhysical DefenseMagical DefenseResilience

Suggested Skill Progression

Below is the Progress in which to apply your Skill points as you level up. We aim to prioritize damage with Savage Rake while building Arcane Fragments as fast as possible. to maximize DPS.

  • Siphon Radiant 1
  • Savage Rake 1
  • Savage Rake 2
  • Siphon Radiant 2
  • Siphon Radiant 3
  • Savage Rake 3
  • Hand of Reckoning 1

Attribute Priority

Ability Power > Crit Rating = Crit Power > Break Power

Kyros is a pure Ranged DPS and we will pump every stat if possible in to Ability Power, Crit Rating and Power. Kyros Signature weapon, Epitaph, is mainly for increasing our Ability power, giving us a window to strike.

End Game Builds

To determine your best setup for Echoes, Affinity, and Weapon Mastery, check out these builds while progressing Endgame content! (MORE COMING SOON)

  • Kyros Epitaph Build (DPS)

Game Play Tips

The goal of this build is to stack Arcane Fragments with Siphon Radiant and Combo finishers to unleash multiple Savage Rakes on our enemies. When available, utilize Epitaph’s Weapon ability, Arcane Harvest, to boost our Ability Power and deal even more damage with max stacks of Savage Rakes.

Arcane Fragment Management

The key to playing Kyros well is managing your Arcane Fragments as you prepare for your burst window with Arcane Harvest. Cast Siphon Radiant on cooldown while using Savage Rakes as you get close to max stacks of Arcane Fragments. Once Arcane Harvest is available on Epitaph, hit as many enemies as possible with it, then unload all of your Savage Rakes on your enemy.

Heroic Kyros

Heroic Kyros was announced during the Early Access Showcase as part of the Premium Founders Package. The team stated that Heroic Kyros is an entirely different Wayfinder, not just “a skin” of the original Kyros. Below is the known difference between Kyros and Heroic Kyros.

  • Starting Mod Capacity Increase
  • Heroic Kyros will be leveled separately from regular Kyros.
  • Heroic Kyros is only available with the purchase of the Premium Founders Package

As we learn more about the difference between Heroic and Non-heroic Wayfinders we’ll keep this post upgraded.

Backstory / Lore

Finally, let’s look at Kyros’ backstory. This information is from the Wayfinder’s Official Site:

There is a place known as the Kingdom of Ashes. Bones are scattered across beaches of black sand, and charred remnants of crystal spires still reach toward the sky. This has been a shunned ruin for thousands of years, but Kyros still remembers it as it once was, a glorious civilization whose achievements dwarfed those of the Avar Imperium or the Maze. He remembers studying the nature of reality itself, and even learning how to transcend his own flesh to become a being of pure mystical energy, bound to a skeleton of arcstone and crystal. While he possesses devastating power, Kyros is first and foremost a scientist. He is determined to stop the Gloom; he will not watch another civilization be destroyed. But he believes the key to defeating the Gloom is to understand it.

Kyros is a deadly war mage and a brilliant researcher. But he has been lost in the void for countless centuries, and there’s much he has forgotten or never knew. What became of his people? How did his wondrous nation become the Kingdom of Ashes… and did he have something to do with it? The answers must be out there, waiting to be found.

Kyros Guide

That concludes our Kyros Wayfinder Guide! For more information on Wayfinder, check out our other Wayfinders Guide.