The types of zones in Albion Online each have varying rules regarding PvP and which resources are available. There are four different types of zones in the game, which consist of Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black. There are also two different continents in the game that have set zone types within them.

As a fresh character, you will begin your journey on the Royal Continent. The Royal Continent has Blue, Yellow, and Red Zones. There are no Black zones there. The black zones are located on another continent called the Outlands. The entirety of the Outlands is comprised of black zones, and this continent can only be accessed via realm gates that are located within each city.

The types of zones in Albion online also have corresponding tiers. The outer edges of the Royal continent are made up of Blue zones and lower-tier zones. As you work your way towards the center of the Royal Continent the zones increase in level and risk.

Blue Zone

Blue zone albion online

Blue zones are the safest areas in the game. These zones are designated for low risk activities, including gathering, trading, and crafting. This is where you will want to spend time if you’re new and still learning the ropes. These areas will give you a good introduction to some of the mechanics in Albion without risking your loot.

There are also open world monsters within these areas that you can take down for fame. This will help you learn the ropes of combat as well before venturing too far out. Resources up to tier four can spawn in blue zones, depending on the zone.

Blue zones are completely safe from PvP combat. The only exception to this is if you are faction flagged. If your health points reach 0 from fighting a monster you will simply be knocked down. When you are knocked down you will take a 5% durability loss. In Blue zones, you do not drop your loot upon death.

If you are faction flagged and engage in PvP within the zone and your health reaches 0, you will be knocked down as well. This will also result in a 5% durability loss and will respawn you at the nearest faction outpost.

As you become more experienced and confident with your gameplay you can then venture out into the yellow, red, and black zones for bigger challenges and rewards.

Yellow Zone

yellow zone albion online

Yellow zones are considered moderate risk areas. These zones offer more of a challenge compared to blue zones, and they offer the opportunity to earn better rewards.

Unlike blue zones, yellow zones offer the opportunity for players to engage in PvP combat. These zones are the highest restricted in terms of PvP. Players have the option to PvP flag (often referred to as “red” or “hard” flagging). Once you are flagged your name will turn red and you will be able to engage in PvP against both other flagged and non-flagged players. If you die as a result of red-flagged PvP you will be knocked out for a short duration and take a 5% durabilty loss on all equip-able items. In Yellow zones you do not drop you loot upon death.

If you are PvP flagged and attack an unflagged player it will result in reputation loss. Faction flagged players in yellow zones follow the same rules as they do in blue zones. You can view the number of red-flagged players within the zones in the bottom right corner below the mini-map. This number updates every 10 seconds.

Hellgates and corrupted dungeons in Yellow zones are also not full loot areas. Instead you will be knocked down and booted from the instance.

Yellow zones can serve as a great starting point for players looking for a higher challenge in the game, or those who are looking to get started with PvP combat. These zones provide a moderate risk environment where you can gather resources and PvP.

Resources up to tier five can spawn in Yellow zones.

Red Zones

Red zones are full loot PvP zones for both faction warfare and PvP flagging. However, if you attack an unflagged player in the area while being PvP flagged you will receive reputation loss. If you die as a result of either faction warfare or PvP flagging all of your equipped items and entire inventory become loot-able.

These zones offer high risk high reward activities, and are designed for more experienced players who are looking for a bigger challenge and greater rewards. Red zones offer some of the most challenging open-world bosses in the game, providing players with the opportunity to test their skills and earn valuable loot.

Both Hellgates and Corrupted Dungeons are full loot areas within the Red zone as well, and red zones contain up to tier sever resources depending on the zone.

Just like yellow zones, you can see the number of PvP flagged players in the zone in the bottom right corner below the mini-map. This updates every 10 seconds.

Black Zone

Black zones are the last of the types of zones in Albion Online. When in a black zone you are automatically flagged for PvP, and these are are full loot zones. There is no flagging system within these zones, and all players may freely engage in PvP without incurring reputation loss.

Black zones can be found in the Outlands and the Roads of Avalon. The Outlands are accessible via the realm gates located within each city. Every city within the Royal Continent, excluding Caerleon, has a realm gate. You can access Roads of Avalon by finding Avalon portals in any zone on the Royal Continent or Outlands.

When going into a black zone you can utilize the invisibility shrines near the exit for safer travel. Black zones also contain territories, castles, and castle outposts which all generate season points.

Resources up to tier eight can spawn in black zones.