What are Berries in Ark

Berries in Ark are consumables that you can gather from bushes and foliage. In order to gather the berries you need to press the default key of “E” on a keyboard when you’re near a bush to gather them. Gathering the plants will yield you several random berries and fiber. You can tame dinosaurs that can gather berries for you. There are several dinosaurs that are very efficient berry gatherers and can net you quite a few in a short amount of time. You can also find berries in white, green, and blue supply crates.

You can utilize all berries in Ark for taming, and most of the berries can be used as a source of food and water if you find yourself in a pinch. Place them on your hot bar and spam the key to quickly eat them in bulk. There is an exception for two of the berry types, Narcoberries and Stimberries can not be consumed for sustenance. Those berry types have other specific purposes.

All Berries and Their Use

Berries can provide you with food and water when consumed. When a dinosaur consumes one berry it will also provide them with a specific number of units of food. The same units apply when taming or if it’s already tamed.

The Mejoberry provides the most units of food for dinosaurs. Therefore, when using berries to tame herbivores the Mejoberry should be utilized over the other berries. The other berries can be used if you do not have any Mejoberries, but they are less effective when taming.

IconBerry NameUnits of food addedUnits of Water AddedUnits of food (Dino)Berry Use
Amarberry ArkAmarberry1.50.220Used to tame herbivores; Used in various cooking recipes
Azulberry ArkAzulberry1.50.220Used to tame herbivores; Used in various cooking recipes
Mejoberry ArkMejoberry1.50.230Optimal berry to tame herbivores; Used in various cooking recipes
Narcoberry ArkNarcoberry4.00.00.0Used to craft tranquilizers. Can be fed to unconscious players or dinosaurs to increase their Torpor.
Stimberry ArkStimberry1.5-10.0-15Used to restore points of Torpor. Useful when fighting dinosaurs or players that utilize attacks that increase your Torpor. These berries can counteract those effects.
Tintoberry ArkTintoberry1.50.220Used to tame herbivores; Used in various cooking recipes