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Cloth Armor in Ark

Cloth armor is the first armor you will be able to access in Ark. It can be crafted from you character crafting menu. You can unlock it at level 3. It also drops from level 3 white beam loot crates. Cloth gear provides the lowest armor rating of all armor with the exception of scuba gear, which is considered utility gear. The cloth gear gives you 10 armor points per piece for a total of 50 armor for the full set.

Cloth armor provides mediocre insulation from heat, but very little cold insulation and it breaks very easily. The durability per piece of this armor is only 25 per piece. As you progress there are much better options. However, it is useful very early on to provide you with a little defense and insulation as you gain access to improved gear.

Due to its temperature negating properties and its light weight it can be useful to carry in your inventory when on long excursions. You can switch it out with your primary armor during extreme heat and/or cold.

Cloth armor can be crafted directly from you character inventory screen. You do not need a crafting station. Crafting a full suit of cloth armor will cost you 145 fiber and 10 hide.

You can also loot cloth armor from white supply crates.

Full Set of Cloth Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
Cloth Hat ArkHat10+4+100.52510 Fiber
cloth armor arkShirt10+8+151.02540 Fiber
cloth glovesGloves10+5+100.252520 Fiber; 4 Hide
cloth pants arkPants10+8+151.02550 Fiber
cloth boots arkBoots10+5+100.252525 Fiber; 6 Hide