Desert Cloth Armor in Ark is a mid tier armor. You can unlock it at level 28, and the prerequisite to craft this armor is learning cloth armor. Each piece of the Desert Cloth Armor provides the user 40 armor for a total of 200 armor for the full set.

Desert Cloth Armor offers decent moderate physical protection, decent cold protection, and excellent heat protection. The entire set provides +31 cold protection and +130 heat protection. This makes this armor ideal when exploring Desert biomes in Ark and great for general use in Scorched Earth. However, not so useful for combat.

This armor also provides some unique benefits. The Desert Goggles and Hat enable you to see during sandstorms. This is very useful in the desert biomes. This armor also applies a water consumption reduction. This makes it easier to stay hydrated in hot areas.

This durability of this armor is quite low at 45 per piece. However, you won’t typically be using this armor in combat, but instead to survive the heat.

desert cloth armor in ark

How to Craft Desert Cloth Armor

To craft desert cloth armor in Ark you must first reach level 28 and learn the engrams. you will also need to have learned the prerequisite cloth armor in order to learn the desert cloth armor engrams. Desert Cloth Armor must be crafted at a smithy, or on a saddle that can act as a smithy. These saddles include the Argentavis Saddle, Castoroides Saddle, and Thorny Dragon Saddle. You can also craft the armor at a Tek Replica.

To craft the full set of armor you will need 10 Crystals, 3 Silica Pearls, 48 Silk, 33 Fiber, and 77 Hide.

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
desert goggles arkGoggles & Hat40+5+301.04510 Hide, 6 Fiber, 3 Silica Pearls, 10 Crystal, 3 Silk
desert cloth shirt arkShirt40+8+256.04520 Hide, 8 Fiber, 12 Silk
desert cloth gloves arkGloves40+5+251.04510 Hide, 4 Fiber, 8 Silk
desert cloth pants arkPants40+8+256.04525 Hide, 10 Fiber, 15 Silk
desert cloth boots arkBoots40+5+252.04512 Hide, 5 Fiber, 10 Silk