Fur Armor in Ark

Fur Armor in Ark is a mid tier armor. You can unlock fur armor at level 23, but you must first learn the prerequisite hide armor before you can unlock the fur armor engrams. Each piece of fur armor provides the user 40 armor for a total of 200 armor for the full set.

Fur armor offers very good protection against cold weather, but makes the user much more susceptible to heat. A full set provides +250 cold protection and -105 heat protection. This makes the full set incredibly useful for extremely cold environments like snow biomes or snow caves, but less useful for general use. However, it is still possible to freeze to death in those environments even with snow armor on. It’s important not ignore your fortitude and other heat sources when you’re in harsh cold environments.

It is also one of the most heavy sets of armor in the game. The full set weights a total of 34. This can make it difficult to transport large amounts of goods when wearing or carrying the armor in your inventory. Fur armor has 120 durability per piece making it one of the more durable armor in the game. You can not craft fur armor via your inventory screen. You must have access to a smithy or a saddle that acts as a smithy.

fur armor ark

How to Craft Fur Armor

To craft fur armor you must first reach level 23 and learn the engrams. You will also need to have learned the prerequisite hide armor in order to learn the fur armor engrams. Fur armor must be crafted a smithy, or on a saddle that can act as a smithy. These saddles include the Argentavis Saddle, Castoroides Saddle, and Thorny Dragon Saddle. You can also craft the armor at a Tek Replica.

To craft the full set of armor you will need to obtain 320 Pelt, Hair, or Wool, 40 Hide, 18 Fiber, and 53 Metal Ingots. The armor is made primarily from pelt, hair, or wool which means you will need to farm those resources in order to make it. The following creatures can be harvested to obtain the resource.

  • Castoroides (Giant Beaver) – Kill it and harvest it
  • Dire Bear – Kill it and harvest it
  • Direwolf – Kill it and harvest it
  • Human – The only source of Human Hair. Harvest it with scissors
  • Mammoth – Kill it and harvest it
  • Megaloceros – Kill it and harvest it
  • Megatherium (Giant Sloth) – Kill it and harvest it
  • Otter – Kill it and harvest it
  • Ovis – Kill it and harvest it
  • Procoptodon – Kill it and harvest it
  • Woolly Rhino – Kill it and harvest it

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
fur cap arkCap40+52-254.012056 Pelt, Hair, or Wool; 10 Metal Ingot; 7 Hide; 3 Fiber
fur chest arkChestpiece40+65-3012.012080 Pelt, Hair, or Wool; 13 Metal Ingot; 10 Hide; 4 Fiber
fur gauntlets arkGauntlets40+34-102.012040 Pelt, Hair, or Wool; 6 Metal Ingot; 5 Hide; 2 Fiber
fur leggings arkLeggings40+65-3012.012096 Pelt, Hair, or Wool; 16 Metal Ingot; 12 Hide; 5 Fiber
fur boots arkBoots40+34-104.012048 Pelt, Hair, or Wool; 8 Metal Ingot; 6 Hide; 4 Fiber