Ghillie Armor in Ark is a mid tier armor. You can unlock it at level 33, and the prerequisite to craft this armor is learning hide armor. Each piece of the Ghillie Armor provides the user 32 armor for a total of 160 armor for the full set.

Ghillie armor offers decent physical protection, good cold protection, and very good heat protection. The entire set provides 24 cold protection, and 155 heat protection. The armor also provides some unique benefits include camouflage and it’s used for obtaining honey from allied beehives. All of the aspects combined make the Ghillie suit a good general purpose armor, unlike some of the other more specialized sets like Fur Armor.

The camouflage for the Ghillie Armor in Ark reduces the enemy visibility range by 50%. This makes it easier to remain unnoticed by predators or prey that’s likely to run if they spot you.

ghillie suit ark

How to Craft Ghillie Armor

To craft the Ghillie armor you must first reach level 33 and learn the engrams. You will also need to have learned the prerequisite hide armor in order to learn the Ghillie armor engrams. Ghillie armor can be crafted from your character’s crafting menu. It does not require a specific crafting bench to craft. It will cost you 26 Organic Polymer, 40 Hide, and 18 Fiber to craft the complete set.

The resource cost to craft the entire set is quite low, but obtaining the organic polymer can be dangerous. You can harvest organic polymer from the following creatures.

  • Kairuku – Resembles a penguin
  • Hesperornis
  • Mantis
  • Karkinos
  • Ichthyosaurus

You can also tame an Achatina (giant snail) to produce organic polymer for you. This method also extends the spoilage timer on organic polymer. The grinder can be utilized to convert polymer based items into organic polymer as well. This method is not very efficient, so it’s not recommended. However, it is an option that’s available.

You can also harvest the large white plants with big orbs for flowers. Harvesting these will yield a decent amount of organic polymer each time they are harvested. You do not need any tools to harvest them, you harvest these plants just as you wood a bush for berries and fiber. These plants can be found in Aberration, Valguer, and Fjordur.

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Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
ghillie mask arkMask32+4+354.0605 Organic Polymer; 7 Hide; 3 Fiber
ghillie armor arkChestpiece32+8+308.0606 Organic Polymer; 10 Hide; 4 Fiber
ghillie gauntlets arkGauntlets32+2+302.0603 Organic Polymer; 5 Hide; 2 Fiber
ghillie leggings arkLeggings32+8+308.0608 Organic Polymer; 12 Hide; 5 Fiber
ghillie boots arkBoots32+2+302.0604 Organic Polymer; 6 Hide; 4 Fiber