Hazard armor in Ark is an exclusive armor in the Ark Aberration DLC. It is a late game armor that can be unlocked at level 68. Each piece of the armor provides 65 armor for a total of 325 armor for the full set. Hazard armor also provides some unique benefits. You can use it to obtain honey from allied beehives without any health loss, similar to Ghillie Armor. The most unique feature of the armor, however, it’s it’s ability to protect the player from radiation on the Aberration map.

You must wear the full suit of Hazard armor in Ark in order to be protected from radiation. If you’re missing a piece of the armor you will not be protected. Wearing the Hazard suit will also give you protection against mushroom spores and poison gas. This helps avoid environmental debuffs when travelling the map. However, you must ensure that none of the pieces lose durability and break to continue receiving protection.

You can also receive protection against poison Wyvern and Basilisk gas attacks by wearing just the Hazard suit hat. The durability per piece is 85, so make sure you don’t stand in the gas too long or it will lose quite a lot of durability and could break.

How to Craft Hazard Armor

To craft Hazard armor in Ark you must first reach level 68 to learn the engrams. Hazard armor is crafted at a Fabricator or Tek Replica. To craft the full suit you will need to obtain 155 Hide, 235 Fiber, 83 Blue Gems (Aberration DLC), 72 Polymer, 166 Crystals, and 125 Congealed Glass Balls (Aberration DLC).

Blue Gems and Congealed Glass Balls are both Aberration specific items. You can acquire Blue gems by mining them from from the various blue crystalline formations found in the Luminous Marshlands, the Aberration Cave in Valguero, and in the cave with the ship in Lost Island. Congealed Glass Balls are obtained by using a gas collector over a gas vein.

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
hazard suit hat arkHat65+10+6028530 Hide; 45 Fiber; 25 Blue Gems; 20 Polymer; 50 Crystal; 20 Congealed Glass Balls
hazard armor arkShirt65+10+6088545 Hide; 65 Fiber; 25 Blue Gems; 25 Polymer; 50 Crystal; 45 Congealed Glass Balls
hazard suit gloves arkGloves65+10+1018515 Hide; 35 Fiber; 8 Blue Gems; 2 Polymer; 16 Crystal; 15 Congealed Glass Balls
hazard suit pants arkPants65+10+1088545 Hide; 65 Fiber; 20 Blue Gems; 15 Polymer; 40 Crystal; 30 Congealed Glass Balls
hazard suit boots arkBoots65+10+6048520 Hide; 25 Fiber; 5 Blue Gems; 10 Polymer; 10 Crystal; 15 Congealed Glass Balls