Hide Armor in Ark

Hide armor in Ark Survival Evolved is an early game armor. You can unlock hide armor at level 15. Cloth armor is a prerequisite to craft hide armor, so you will likely progress into hide armor from cloth armor. Each piece of hide armor provides the user 20 armor for a total of 100 armor for the full set. You can find hide armor pieces in green supply crates.

Hide armor offers some physical protection from cold, but it captures heat making the wearer more susceptible to heat. A full set provides +85 cold protection and -25 heat protection. This makes the set useful for players to survive the environment early game, but makes it less useful for general use. It’s worth considering mixing some pieces of hide armor and cloth armor together early on to provide more balanced protection against both heat and cold.

It has 45 durability per piece, making it more durable than cloth armor, but much less durable than some of the other mid and late game armors. It is both crafted and repaired in your inventory. You do not need a crafting station to craft it or repair it. It will cost you a total of 82 Hide and 33 Fiber to craft the full set.

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
hide hat arkHat20+15-5.01.04515 Hide; 6 Fiber
hide armor arkShirt20+20-5.04.04520 Hide; 8 Fiber
hide gloves arkGloves20+15-5.00.54510 Hide; 4 Fiber
hide pants arkPants20+20-5.04.04525 Hide; 10 Fiber
hide boots arkBoots20+15-5.01.04512 Hide; 5 Fiber