Riot armor in Ark is late game armor. You can unlock it at level 98, but you must first learn the prerequisite Ghillie Armor before you can unlock the Riot engrams. Each piece of Riot armor provides the user 115 armor for a total of 575 physical armor when wearing the complete set. You can find pieces of Riot armor in red supply crates.

Riot armor in Ark provides the best physical protection in the game with the exception of Tek armor. However, it only provides moderate cold protection. It also makes the user more susceptible to heat.

Another benefit of Riot armor is the torpor resistance. It reduces the amount of torpor you receive from instant torpor increasing sources. This means that you’ll receive the benefit against things like the boomerang, slingshot, wooden club, thorny dragon, electric prod, and patchy. However you would not receive the torpor resistance benefits against poison like effects. For example, the effects of a Pulmonoscorpius.

There is a Riot shield in Ark as well. However, the Riot shield is not considered to be a part of the Riot armor set. It is a separate item that you can utilize.

riot armor in ark

How to Craft Riot Armor

To craft Riot armor in ark you must first reach level 98 and unlock the prerequisite Ghillie Armor before you can learn the Riot armor engrams. You can craft Riot armor at a Fabricator or Tek Replica.

To craft the full set you will need to obtain 245 Polymer or Organic Polymer, 138 Silica Pearls, 40 Hide, 18 Fiber, and 35 Crystals.

Organic Polymer can replace Polymer when crafting the Riot armor. Obtaining the organic polymer can be dangerous, but can sometimes be easier and quicker. Keep in mind that organic Polymer will spoil after some time. You can harvest organic polymer from the following creatures.

  • Kairuku – Resembles a penguin
  • Hesperornis
  • Mantis
  • Karkinos
  • Ichthyosaurus

You can also tame an Achatina (giant snail) to produce organic polymer for you. This method also extends the spoilage timer on organic polymer. The grinder can be utilized to convert polymer based items into organic polymer as well. This method is not very efficient, so it’s not recommended. However, it is an option that’s available.

You can also harvest the large white plants with big orbs for flowers. Harvesting these will yield a decent amount of organic polymer each time they are harvested. You do not need any tools to harvest them, you harvest these plants just as you wood a bush for berries and fiber. These plants can be found in Aberration, Valguer, and Fjordur.

organic polymer ark

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
riot helmet arkHelmet115+10-2.06.012050 Polymer; 25 Silica Pearls; 7 Hide; 3 Fiber; 35 Crystal
riot chestpiece arkChestpiece115+15-4.714.012070 Polymer; 40 Silica Pearls; 10 Hide; 4 Fiber
riot gauntlets arkGauntlets115+10-2.73.012025 Polymer; 15 Silica Pearls; 5 Hide; 2 Fiber
riot leggings arkLeggings115+15-4.714.012070 Polymer; 40 Silica Pearls; 12 Hide; 5 Fiber
riot boots arkBoots115+10-2.75.012030 Polymer; 18 Silica Pearls; 6 Hide; 4 Fiber