Scuba armor in Ark is late game armor, and is used strictly for the utility it provides. You can unlock scuba gear at level 81. You will need it to scuba dive for certain resources and to get to underwater locations in Ark. Scuba gear will allow you dive underwater enhancing your underwater vision, increasing your oxygen supply, increasing your cold protection while underwater, and increasing your swim speed.

Scuba armor in Ark is a unique set in a couple different ways. There are only 4 pieces to complete the set. The mask, the tank, the leggings, and the flippers. There are no scuba gloves. Each of the 4 pieces has a unique benefit when equipped.

Scuba gear provides almost no physical protection. The only piece that provides any protection are the legs. If you want to increase your physical protection while using scuba gear you can equip gloves that have decent physical protection since there are no scuba gloves in the set.

Benefits of Each Scuba Piece

The Scuba mask will allow you to see much better when diving underwater. However, when you wear it your field of view will be restricted just as you would expect when wearing an actual mask. If you are riding a creature in third person with the mask on you will not receive the benefits of enhanced vision. However, your field of view is still restricted.

The Scuba tank, or shirt, restores 20 oxygen pre second while your underwater. This allows you to stay underwater as long as the tank lasts. The durability bar of the tank is how you can measure the amount of remaining operation time of the tank. The tank has a total use time of 30 minutes. If you have the tank equipped the time you can use it will decrease whether or not you are actually underwater. You will want to make sure you unequip it when it’s not in use.

You can take additional tanks, or chest pieces, with you while underwater and switch them out for longer exploration time.

The Scuba leggings will provide you with 200 cold protection while underwater. However, this does apply if you are on land. This will help you withstand the colder temperatures of the ocean as you progress into deeper areas.

The Scuba flippers will enhance your swim speed by 2.5. However, if you wear them on land you will slow down your walking speed.

How to Craft Scuba Gear in Ark

To craft Scuba gear in Ark you must first reach level 81, and learn a few prerequisites.

Mask prerequisites – Hide Hat, Scope attachment, and Fabricator

Tank prerequisites – Hide Shirt, Metal Water Reservoir, Fabricator

Leggings prerequisites – Hide Pants, Fabricator

Flippers – Hide Boots, Fabricator

Scuba armor is crafted at a Fabricator or Tek Replica. To craft the armor you will need to acquire 87 Hide, 23 Fiber, 12 Chitin or Keratin, 16 Metal Ingots, 6 Cementing Paste, 7 Silica Pearls, 43 Polymer, and 10 Crystal.

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingCold ProtectionHeat ProtectionWeightDurabilityCost
scuba mask arkMask015-50.54515 Hide; 6 Fiber; 10 Crystals; 3 Silica Pearls
scuba tank arkTank040-5204520 Hide; 8 Fiber; 14 Metal Ingots; 3 Polymer
scuba leggings arkLeggings5200025040 Hide; 4 Fiber; 2 Metal Ingots; 40 Polymer
scuba flippers arkFlippers015-50.54512 Hide; 5 Fiber; 12 Chitin or Keratin; 6 Cementing Paste; 4 Silica Pearls