Tek Armor in Ark

Tek armor in Ark is and end game armor. It provides the best physical protection in the game, and can only be unlocked by defeated certain bosses in the game. Each piece of Tek armor provides different benefits to the player. Tek armor also protects the wearer from environmental hazards in Aberration, and grants extreme underwater vision when wearing a full powered set.

A full set of Tek armor in Ark provides 900 armor, 255 cold protection, and 208 heat protection. You can gain an additional +225 heat and cold protection bonus by wearing a full set of Element charged Tek armor. Each slot has its own battery charge. You can refill it from Element (a material in Ark) in the your inventory. You can also jump into the purple river or Element river in Aberration to recharge the armor without taking any radiation damage. However, the side effect is that the armor’s durability will drop quicker.

ark tek armor

Benefits of Each Piece

Each piece of Tek armor grants the player special abilities. These abilities include perks such as night vision, helmet scanner, jetpack, unlimited oxygen, climbing mountains, and devastating punches.


You can switch between 2 modes on the Tek Helmet by holding down the “R” key. The 2 modes are pulse mode and night vision mode.

Tek Helmet Ark

Pulse mode will highlight creatures and other survivors around the player. They will highlight in a specific color to show the relationship to the player. You will see Tribe members and tribe creatures highlighted green, neutral creatures and players are highlighted white, and enemy players and creatures are highlighted red.

If you enable night vision mode you will be able to see in the dark.


The Tek Chest has a build in jetpack. If you double press the jump key while wearing the Tek chest you will activate the jetpack. When activated you will be boosted into the air, and can hold down the jump button to float in mid air.

tek armor ark

You can also activate hover mode by holding the shift key on PC. Hover mode makes shooting from the air much easier, and allows you to maintain a certain altitude.

If you have both the Tek chest and Tek leggings equipped you can hold down the CTRL key on PC while in the air to quickly move forward. You can also utilize the jetpack to boost your swimming speed while underwater.


The Tek gauntlets will allow you to perform a super punch. You can hold down the Right Mouse button on PC and release it when you see a green crosshair on your target to perform the punch. The punch has a base damage of 40 and scales with you melee stat.

You can damage multiple enemies at a time with the super punch. When you target trees and rocks you can also harvest with the super punch. You will also have GPS coordinates displayed on an extended HUD when you use the Tek gauntlets.


The Tek leggings will allow you to activate a super speed mode. When you have them on you can hold down the CTRL key on PC to activate superspeed. This will allow you to move forward at a super fast speed.

When you’re in superspeed mode you can also run across the surface of water and break down trees and rocks by running through them. The movement speed stat does not affect superspeed.


When you have powered Tek boots equipped you will absorb any fall damage. You can fall from any distance without taking damage.

You will also be able to climb mountains with the Tek boots equipped. Once you begin to climb a slope each step you take will produce a shockwave allowing you to progress up the slope.

How to Unlock The Engrams

In order to unlock the ability to craft Tek armor you must defeat specific bosses.

Helmet – Alpha Broodmother Lysrix, Alpha Dinopithecus King, Ice Titan, Moeder Master of the Ocean, Rockwell, Rockewell Prime

Chest – Crystal Wyvern Queen, Alpha Dragon, Ragnarok Arena, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime

Gauntlets – Crystal Wyvern Queen, Forest Titan, Manticore, Megapithecus, Moeder Master of the Ocean, Ragnarok Arena, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime

Leggings – Crystal Wyvern, Dinopithecus King, Dragon, Forest Titan, Manticore, Ragnarok Arena, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime

Boots – Broodmother Lysrix, Desert Titan, Dinopithecus King, Moeder Master of the Ocean, Rockwell, Rockwell Prime

How to Craft Tek Armor

In order to craft the Tek armor you will first need to defeat the applicable bosses and unlock the Tek engrams. The Tek armor is crafted at a Tek Replica station, and will cost you the following materials to craft a full set:

  • 600 Polymer
  • 2250 Metal Ingots
  • 600 Crystal
  • 100 Element
  • 275 Black Pearls

Full Set of Armor and Stats

IconPieceArmor RatingWeightDurabilityCost
Helmet1804300120 Polymer; 450 Metal Ingots; 120 Crystals; 20 Element; 55 Black Pearls
tek armor arkChest Piece1806300120 Polymer; 450 Metal Ingots; 120 Crystals; 20 Element; 55 Black Pearls
Gauntlets1803300120 Polymer; 450 Metal Ingots; 120 Crystals; 20 Element; 55 Black Pearls
Leggings1806300120 Polymer; 450 Metal Ingots; 120 Crystals; 20 Element; 55 Black Pearls
Boots1803300120 Polymer; 450 Metal Ingots; 120 Crystals; 20 Element; 55 Black Pearls