Studio Update

Ashes of Creation stated that they have hired 23 more people to the studio as of April 2022. As the team grows, Steven expressed excitement about the speed and quality of development. Steven also stated that the team hit their first big milestone of the year. They will reveal this over the next few months of updates.

Development Update

No new Ashes of Creation Beta footage was presented during this live stream. They did give a lot of informational updates to systems including the Node System and World Events. Also, they stated that work on the Ashes of Creation Combat System on Unreal Engine 5 was well underway. They weren’t ready to show any footage yet. Since combat is such an important feature in an MMO, they wanted to make sure it was in a good place before revealing it. They also mentioned the Assassin Class and hinted at strides in the Development of the Ashes of Creation Class system.

Ashes of Creation April 2022 Open World Events

One of the most exciting parts of the Ashes of Creation live stream was the section on Open World Events. Ashes of Creation want to change the way world events work in the MMO Genre. They gave an example of Ashes of Creation world events such as plagues, volcanic eruptions, and AI Raids. Ashes of Creation showed a cinematic teaser of a Goblin Raid preparing to Seige a Node.

A screenshot of the Goblin Raid World Event Teaster

In Ashes of Creation, these world events will be on a timer and will prompt player interaction. Players will need to respond in time to prevent these “world-changing ” events from occurring. Steven cited inspiration from Guild Wars 2 World Events and stated he wanted to take them to the “next level”. World Events will have unique quests and storylines tied to them. These quests may lead AI to attack certain structures or locations within a node. World Events will develop over time, depending on how players respond to them.

They also mentioned other events in Ashes of Creation such as seasonal events. Steven confirmed that Ashes of Creation would have seasonal events. They want to make sure that these events are tied into the Lore.

Ashes of Creation April 2022 Node System Update

In the Development update, Steven stated that the development of the Ashes of Creation Node System is well underway. Some specific things mentioned in the stream were a redesign of Node layout and Player Housing. The development team continues to make strides on the Node layout system and the AI within these nodes.

They continue to double down on the 500 vs 500 player support within Ashes of Creation. They tied this into end-game node progression, specifically node superpowers.


Ashes of Creation wanted to remind players that the Character Creation was still a work in progress. They mentioned the feedback from the forums was heard concerning Character Hair Styles. As a reminder, the Road to Desolation cosmetic package will leave the store on May 11th at 1100 am.

The Road To Desolation Ashes of Creation Package leaving the Store May 11th


That’s it for our breakdown of the Ashes of Creation April 2022 update. For more Ashes of Creation news and guides make sure to check out our home page!