Ashes of Creation has a unique class system with 64 unique classes. Learn more in our Ashes of Creation Class Guide.

General Information

Ashes of Creation has a unique class system that allows you to combine a primary and secondary archetype to make one of 64 unique classes. Each class will have unique spells and passives that will set it apart from other classes. Below is a list of classes that will be available at the launch of Ashes of Creation.

The Primary Archetypes are on the left. Secondary Archetypes are listed across the top.

Next, lets take a look at the difference between the primary and secondary Archetypes and the way they effect your Class.

Primary vs Secondary Archetype

The Primary Archetype of a character is chosen at character creation and can not be changed. The primary Archetype will determine which skills a Class has access to. For example, characters with Ranger as the primary class will have access to the Skill Headshot, but choosing Ranger as a secondary Archetype will not grant you this ability.

Next, Your secondary Archetype will be chosen at level 25. You will be able to change your secondary class, but this process will likely need to be done in town or by talking to an NPC. Based on what secondary class you choose, you will be able to augment their primary archetype skills from one of four Schools of Augmentation from the Secondary Archetype.

For this example, we’ll use the Mage Archetype. Mage’s Schools of Augmentation are based on four different elemental types. Choosing Mage as your secondary Archetype will allow you to change your Primary skill in ways that implement one of the four Elemental Schools to change the ability’s nature.

Finally, Let’s take the top two examples and make the Scion Class (Ranger Primary and Mage Secondary). This combination will allow you to imbue your Ranger attacks with one of the four elements, such as adding a Chain Lightning effect to your Headshot Skill!

Class Roles

Ashes of Creation will follow the traditional “Trinity” System of MMOs: Tank, DPS, and Healer. Ashes of Creation is balanced around group play

Although there will be a few exceptions, players who choose Tank as their primary class will fill the Tank role. The Same can be said about the Cleric and the Healer role. Some classes will be able to perform these roles but not as effectively as the two classes mentioned above.

Finally, It is important to note that classes will be balanced around group play and not solo play. This means that a Class’s Role in group play will far outweigh the importance of the class’s ability to Solo things in PVE or perform in 1v1 PVP.

Ashes of Creation Class Guide Conclusion

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