On May 4th, 2022, Ashes of Creation detailed the types of world events we can expect in Verra. The Types of Ashes of Creation World Events include Calendar Events, Node Attacks, Monster Coin Events, Pop-up Events, and More!

Calendar Events

Ashes of Creation Calendar Events are “holiday-related celebrations” or seasonal events that occur. These events will be Annual events that are based on cultures in Verra. These will be server-wide events that will occur during certain parts of the CALANDER year

Ashes of Creation World Event

Node Attacks

Node Attacks will involve PVE Attacks on Player nodes including buildings and settlements. Players will need to defend the buildings of the settlement to prevent the buildings from being damaged. If not, the buildings may need to be repaired before they can be used again.

Monster Coin Events

Monster Coins are a unique consumable in Ashes of Creation that allows players to become Monsters. These events can happen in many different ways and can have exciting rewards such as unique cosmetics.

Ashes of Creation Pop-up Events

Next, is the Pop-Up Event in Ashes of Creation. These small-scale will help keep the day-to-day gameplay in Ashes of Creation interesting. Pop-up events can happen anytime and will help bring a sense of danger to the world of Verra.

POI Events

Points of Interest (POI) Events tell the story of areas in the world as they level up with node progression. Often, failed POI Events can be precursors for node attacks, threatening nearby civilizations.

Narrative Events

Narrative Events help move the story of Ashes of Creation along. These events, and the way players respond to them, will shape the Lore of the Server. Some of these events will quickly develop, while others may develop over a long period of time.

PVP Objectives

Next on the list are PVP objectives. These will occur all over the world of Verra. These events will help keep Ashes of Creation PVP interesting. For Instance, PVP objectives will spawn in the open world that lead to capture points or castle siege.

Ashes of Creation PVP Objectives

Ashes of Creation World Events Consequences

Actions have consequences – this is especially true in Verra. Events are often one of the ways that players will experience consequences on an immediate and tangible level. Drastic transformations such as changing weather, or perhaps the creation of new objectives will encourage players to explore and adapt.

Ashes of Creation World Events Conclusion

Ashes of Creation boasts a wide variety of World Events which should keep gameplay extremely interesting. One thing that MMOs struggle with is bringing interesting content on day-to-day bases. Ashes of Creation World Events should help keep players logging in to Verra!