Welcome to our Brewmaster Cleric Guide. In this guide well break down everything you need to know to use this Drunken Monk build in Dark and Darker for both solo and group play!


Our Current recommendation for the Brewmaster Cleric is Spell Memory and Judgement.


Judgement is a powerful ranged spell that deals 30 magic damage to a target and slows them by 20% for 2 second. You can use Judgement to open up a fight or finish off a fleeing opponent.

Spell Memory

This is the Clerics main Skill that allows you to Memorize up to 5 different spells that will help you aid your allies in battle. The spells you use in your load out will depend upon if you are running solo or in a group. Your group set up will also be affected by the amount of knowledge you have as both Sanctuary and Holy Light take up a significant amount of Spell Slots. Below is the different set ups you will use in each situation:


Smite is an alternative to Judgement. This Skill can lean into the aggressive playstyle the Brewmaster Cleric has. Using Smite provides you with increased damage on your melee attacks.


  • Protection
  • Bless
  • Divine Strike
  • Lesser Heal
  • Sanctuary


  • Protection
  • Lesser Heal
  • Holy Light
  • Bless
  • Divine Strike


  • Divine Strike
  • Lesser Heal
  • Holy Light
  • Bless
  • Sanctuary


Your perks will differ slightly depending on if you are running solo or in a group. The First 3 Perks below are you will choose in both cases.

  • Advanced Healer – Increase your base magical heal by 5
  • Brewmaster – You do not exhibit the detrimental drunk effects when you drink alcohol
  • Blunt Weapon Mastery – Increases physical attack power by 5% when attacking with a blunt weapon

When running in a group, you’ll take Kindness. Kindness is good in group fights, allowing you to get some extra self-healing from Holy Light and Lesser Heal while healing allies.

  • Kindness – Heal yourself for 15% of the spells total heal amount when healing another target

When running solo, switch out Kindness for Perserverance for obvious reasons. Perserverance adds a little to survivability since you will be in melee range for most combat as a Brewmaster.

  • Perserverance – Reduces all types of incoming damage by 3

Stat Priority

That most significant stat increases in Dark and Darker will come from your armor, weapons, and other gear you find in the game. Below is how to prioritize the stats on these pieces of gear.

All Attributes > STR = WILL > Magical Healing (Up to +7)

All Attribute gear is great to find, especially for build as you want to stack as much physical damage and attack speed as possible while also gaining Will to increase the strengths of your heals. If you can’t find all stat gear make sure to prioritize Pure stats such as STR and Will, followed by magical healing and physical damage.



Quarterstaff and Spell Book.

The Spell Book remains the preferred weapon for casting spells due to its quick cast time. Quarterstaff is the melee weapon of choice for the Brewmaster Build due to the combination of its attack damage, attack speed, and its low equipped movement speed reduction.

If you are running more plate armor and want to go for some extra punch, you can also try out the War Maul!


Since the Cleric can use a wide variety of armor, choosing gear can be difficult. First, make sure that you use the stat priority above when choosing what to equip. If gear has the same amount of attributes available, the choice comes down to movement speed vs mitigation. This choice is left up to player preference. Remember, you will be in melee range during combat so Physical Damage Resistance is important!

How To Play the Brewmaster Monk Build

As a Brewmaster Monk, your goal is to buff yourself using Bless and Divine Strike and head into battle with your Quarterstaff. Since you will be running the Brewmaster perk, you will also drink an Ale to increase your health and physical damage. These three buffs add a significant amount of Physical damage increase while also increasing your attack speed.

One of the best features of the Brewmaster monk is its versatility when playing both solo and in a group. While running the Brewmaster build in groups, you will maintain the same amount of support to your group as you would as a normal cleric build. Critically timed heals in a PVP battle can be enough to turn the tides of war. Along with group and self-healing, you can also buff your allies with Bless and Divine Strike as well, giving them elite damage output.

Finally, don’t forget to use Judgement, it deals a massive amount of damage and can be used in almost any situation.

Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing has been taken out of Dark and Darker to be reworked. We’ll update this section when more information is released.

Brewmaster Cleric Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Brewmaster Monk Cleric Guide for Dark and Darker! For an overview of the Cleric class, make sure to check out our Cleric Guide!