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Cave Troll Boss Guide


Dark and Darker developers Ironmace Games recently introduced a new solo only experience. This new experience is known as the Goblin Cave. Deep within the cave is a brutal boss; the Cave Troll. In this Dark and Darker Cave Troll Boss Guide, we will guide you through what to watch out for, and some recommended tips to defeat the boss.

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Cave Troll Boss Location

Fortunately the Cave Troll spawns in a central part of the map. Although some spawns are better than others, it is possible to make it there in one piece. Once you reach the center of the map, there is two possible entrances to the boss room. Both of these entrances will have descending stairs to the room.

The Cave Troll has more of a “melee friendly” boss vibe to it. As a result some of the attacks reflect this. This boss fight has hard hitting but very slow and telegraphed attacks. A couple of the attacks however, are a bit of a gamble on what will come out. Due to the nature of this boss fight, it is very manageable but also very easy to throw it all away in one hit.


  • Standard Attack, a normal attack from either the right or left direction
  • Roar, the Cave Troll will roar at you, which causes a slow – shortly after, charages at you with a low or high angled swing
  • Low Swing, a low attack that comes from the left with an increased range
  • High Swing, a high attack from the left with an increased range
  • Ground Shake, an incredibly powerful overhead ground slam – likely an instant kill
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As previously mentioned, the Cave Troll is brutal, but manageable with the right responses to attacks. It should be noted however that while the Troll is massive, some attacks are block-able with a shield! Another important thing to recognize is the attacks are fairly dodge-able via crouching, jumping or just moving away.

Should the Cave Troll begin to Roar at you, this is your que to prepare for a high or low swing shortly after. This can be a bit of a gamble but typically for the low swing, you can jump over it whereas the high swing, you can crouch it. However we recommend you quickly look at the ground too to hide your head hitbox. Also the normal attacks can be entirely crouched at point-blank range, or blocked with a shield. One of the most major attacks to make note of is the Ground Shake. While fighting the Cave Troll, the moment you see both hands move onto the mace – immediately sheath your weapon using the “X” bind and retreat a few meters away. Failing to avoid the attack will have you waiting for the next lobby to begin.

Also, don’t forget – you can use the new VOIP feature to make alliances to take down the boss!

Dark and Darker Cave Troll Boss Guide Pavise

Tips & Recommendations

  • Bringing a Pavise can help immensely with blocking due to the shields reliability. As a result bringing one on your Ranger or even Fighter is worth considering.
  • Playing a Rogue even at level 1 is another decent method for killing the Cave Troll. Take Weakpoint Attack and Rupture to deal good damage even with basic gear. Finally, select the Poisoned Weapon perk to add even more DoT damage to your attacks. Due to this strategy having good baseline damage, you can start the fight and crouch under the boss by the Troll’s knees. From there, just keep stabbing at the knees, popping skills and watching out for the attacks such as Ground Shake. As long as you crouch and keep your head down on some swings, retreat and immediately return after a Ground Shake and keep attacking – you will eventually win the fight.
  • Ranger is another recommended class, very cheap to get a decent enough bow and is baseline decent with no gear. Kiting is your friend here and learning the timings to allow yourself a safe reload.
  • Try to keep as close to the Cave Troll as possible, this avoids the possibility of Roar happening, which can turn the fight into a bit of a gamble.

Cave Troll Boss Guide Conclusion

After succeeding in killing the Cave Troll, you will be rewarded with usually decent loot. The loot in question ranges all the way up to legendary items. However, the looting doesn’t end there! Keen eyes will have spotted out an additional door in the boss arena. The Cursed Stone Door room.

The Cursed Stone Door will become accessible the moment the Cave Troll dies. Inside the room is a dead-end, that usually has one item on the ground, a loot-able chest and some treasures. Finally, the items in the Cursed Stone Door are of the same quality potential that the Cave Troll drops. If you (or even some friends) can take down the Cave Troll reliably, you have the opportunity for some real nice quick loot!

I may have perished, however my ally succeeded and that is a win in my books! And that concludes our Dark and Darker Cave Troll Boss Guide! Get into those caves and start slaying some Cave Trolls!

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