In Dark and Darker there is many loot locations scattered across each Crypt and Inferno map available to us. However, while loot may be scattered across the entire dungeon, some locations are far better than others in potential value. In this guide we will provide you with some of the better locations found within the dungeon.


Dark and Darker Loot Locations Crypt 2 Library image

Located on maps such as Crypt 2, Crypt 3 and Crypt 6, the Library is not only an easy room to clear, but a great room for all kinds of loot. A lot of the loot can be founded dotted around on bookshelves or in pots. It is also notable that the Library is a great room for fighting other players due to the sheer space inside. Typical loot you can expect to see in abundance in the Library are:

  • Consumable potions
  • Campfires
  • Hunting Traps
  • Various rarities of Treasure
  • Throwables such as the Francisca Axes or Throwing Knives
  • Potential decent gear drops from the two Skeleton Mages
  • Random gear pieces from broken pots
  • Potential powerful loot inside the hidden chest inside the center of the Library
Dark and Darker Loot Locations library

Bat Cave

Dark and Darker Loot Locations Bat Cave Crypt Map

The Bat Cave is another point of interest that most players will never forget after being through there once. Inside this room there is a large flock of Death Skulls so be careful while looting and make sure to kill them all. After all, they give some of the best loot in the room! It is worth noting too that some people call this room the “Pyramid Room”, due to the ascending steps leading up to the main chest and the map details. Unlike other rooms you can expect to find loot such as:

  • Necklaces from Death Skull corpses, a fantastic farming spot for necks
  • Throwables such as Francisca Axes, Throwing Knives, Explosive Bottles and Oil Lanterns
  • Random gear pieces or treasure from small chests scattered throughout the room
  • Potential rare gear from the large charge at the peak of the elevated room.
  • Various loot opportunities from a secret underground entrance on one of the Crypt variations


The Crossroads is a quick area to loot. And fortunately so, as a result of being a path that connects 8 paths together – you will quickly find people rotating through this area. Due to the nature of this area, the quicker you loot and leave, the better. Most of the treasure here is densely packed dead center in the room but there is some chests on the outskirts. In the Crossroads you will find:

  • Densely packed treasure surrounding the large chest in the center
  • Large chest in the center that can provide rare goods
  • Small chests on the outskirts that can provide random gear and treasure
  • A lot of potential player loot due to the traffic flow through this section of the map

Middle Room

Dark and Darker Loot Location Middle Room Image

Located in the center of the map, Crypt 1, is the commonly named “middle” room. Within this room is a set of dangerous mobs ranging from Champions, to Wraiths and plenty of Skeleton Archers. This room is very dangerous in both PvE and PvP aspects so be careful when clearing and looting! Should you be successful however, you can expect to find:

  • Various large and small chests with random gears, treasure and more
  • Potential high rarity gear drops from slaying the Skeleton Champion and Wraith
  • Potential player kill loot and additional mob loot

Dark and Darker Treasure Hoard Loot Locations

Treasure Hoards in terms of Dark and Darker Loot Locations is actually an infinitely loot-able pile of treasure! When interacting with these piles of treasure, you will receive random items, of potentially even Legendary quality! As a result of the random nature behind the loot, always make sure to drop your inventory in a pile in the corner, loot up and repeat until you pick up the most optimal loot. There are currently a few specific locations to reach a Treasure Hoard.

Crypt 5 (High Roller)

In Crypt 5, the exclusive High Roller map, the center room contains a large construct with stairs on the side of it. At the top of this construct is a room that requires a Golden Key to enter. Once you enter this room you will find a Treasure Hoard! As mentioned previously, simply loot to your heart’s content! But be aware of those other pesky dungeon divers looking to take your loot!

Inferno Boss Room

Dark and Darker Loot Locations Inferno 2 Boss Room treasure

For this Treasure Hoard, you can be on any of the Inferno maps. However in order to access this room you will have to defeat one of the Inferno bosses, the Ghost King or the Lich King. Once defeated, loot the boss for fantastic loot drops – usually of Legendary quality or even Unique quality if you are on High Roller. Finally, head to the room with the horns above it, enter it and claim your Treasure Hoard!

Other Maps

Some other maps in Dark and Darker contain various loot areas too. These maps are known as Ruins, Ice Cave and Goblin Cave. The difference with these maps is that for the most part, the loot is evenly spread throughout. However, the Goblin Cave does have the Cave Troll to farm!

Dark and Darker Loot Locations Conclusion

We are sure that throughout development things may change, so be sure to keep checking back to find up to date Dark and Darker Loot Locations! For everything Dark and Darker, click here.