They have announced the next Dark and Darker Playtest, as well as Early Access and Launch Dates. We’ll keep you posted on all the updates!

Dark and Darker’s Next Playtest

Dark and Darker recently had a playtest in February of 2022 and most players thought that would be that last playtest until Early Access. We found out recently that there would be one final playtest before then! The next playtest will be April 14-19. Here is a post from the Dark and Darker official discord with the announcement.

The details of the playtest have not been released yet, but players anticipate that the “level 0” map and the Bard Class might be playable in the final Playtest. As we get more information, we’ll keep this post updated!

Dark and Darker Early Access

Dark and Darker will go into Early Access in Late April/Early May 2023. They have stated that the game will cost money but should be a “very affordable price”. They have not stated if the game will wipe between Early Access and Full Launch.

Dark and Darker Release Date

The Release official release date for Dark and Darker is currently in Q4 2023. In the announcement, they went further to specify that it would be between October and December of 2023. It has not been confirmed that the full release will be free to play or pay to play. It would not be surprising if the cost of the release version was the same as the Early Access Cost.


That concludes what we know about Dark and Darkers current release schedule. For full Dark and Darker Guides be sure to check out our Dark and Darker Section of the site!