Yes, there is mining in Dark and Darker and yes, it is important. In order to obtain Rubysilver and Cobalt in Dark and Darker you must find some ore of either type within a dungeon and mine it utilizing a pickaxe. You can purchase a pickaxe from the woodsman. And, of course like all items in the game, you must also successfully extract from the dungeon in order to keep the ore that you mine.

How to Mine Rubysilver and Cobalt in Dark and Darker

To mine ore in Dark and Darker you will first need a pickaxe. It is a utility item (meaning it will sit where your potions do) which you can get from the Weaponsmith Merchant before you enter the dungeon, or if you’re lucky, you will be able to get a pickaxe from defeating an enemy player. If you choose the merchant route it will cost you 25 gold coins.

You must equip it in the utility slot to use it. Meaning it must be visible in your hands before you start mining. You can find Rubysilver and Cobalt ore in various places and can be found in most game modes. It will be found the most in High Roller Maps.

Once you have some Ore you can visit the merchants in the service tab:

  • Weaponsmith and Armorer can make Rubsilver and Cobalt Ingots from the Ore. The ingots can then be forged into armor at the armor merchant. We think we may see weapons be forged from the Ore in the future. 
  • The Alchemist can create Rubysilver Powder from the Ore. The Powder can then be exchanged at the Tailor or Leathersmith for armor which can be worn by all classes.

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