Welcome to our in-depth guide to maximize loot value! In Dark and Darker you will find a plethora of loot in the form of treasures, weapons, armor, consumables and more. However, this does not mean all loot is valued equally! As players may notice throughout their matches, some loot items take up different amounts of space within the inventory. This is due to the square grid approach IRONMACE takes with their inventory design. Let’s take a look at the values of each treasure and their respective slot sizes!

1-Slot Loot Value Guide


Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Dotted Gold Bangle6915264473
Glimmer Bangle6915264473
Gold Band5813223761
Leaf Gold Bangle61118305185
Light Gold Bangle61016284879
Patterned Gold Bangle5814244067
Shine Bangle6915264473
Simple Gold Bangle5814244067
Slim Bangle61016284879
Triple Gem Bangle61118305185
Turqoise Gem Bangle61016284879

The above table specifically shows all bangles currently available to loot within the game and their values. However, bangles are not the only lootable 1-slot treasures!


Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Blue Sapphire61016284879

Gems are also a great 1-slot option when filling up your pockets with treasures. Typically speaking however – Royal rarity items in the 1-slot category are usually by far the most valuable per-slot.


Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Gem Necklace5814244067
Gem Ring5814244067
Pearl Necklace61016284879
Gold Candle Platter61118305185

As a result, whichever 1-slot category you loot throughout your dungeon runs is almost always the most valuable per slot when you start reaching particular rarity thresholds. As seen above, the value of items quickly ramp up through the rarities accordingly. But lets check out the 2-slot items available to loot in Dark and Darker!

2-Slot Loot Value

2-Slot loot is another loot size within Dark and Darker. One thing however that most players can point out quickly or at least need to point out for themselves, is the comparison of overall value versus per-slot value.

Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Ceremonial Dagger6914244157
Gold Chalice6914244163
Gold Goblet69142441N/A
Silver Chalice69142441N/A

A very quick and obvious comparison that can be made here with the 1-slot and 2-slot items is the general overall value being worse than a 1-slot from Exquisite onward. A good example of per slot value can be drawn from two Exquisite Diamonds being more valuable than a single 2-slot Royal Ceremonial Dagger or Goblet!

4-Slot Loot Value

4-Slot loot is the second largest sized treasure loot currently in Dark and Darker, as a result of this we recommend keeping a good eye on the value of the bigger items. You could be missing out on more smaller items that also provide more gold!

Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Gold Bowl81219325286
Gold Candle Holder711182949N/A
Gold Candelabra711182949N/A
Gold Crown71118294980
Gold Waterpot71016274563

6-Slot Loot Value

Finally, the largest sized treasure currently in Dark and Darker; the 6-slot items!

Grey (Cracked)White (Flawed)Green (Normal)Blue (Exquisite)Purple (Perfect)Orange (Royal)
Ancient Scroll81218305081

As of the February 2023 Playtest, there is still only one 6-slot treasure in the game! When it comes to 6-slot items, it can become quite clear just how much room they take up in your inventory.

Maximizing Loot Value Guide

Min-maxing is an undeniably common undertaking in most games that have stat points, classes or sellable loot. As a result, knowing each value of the treasures is crucial in making the most out of each dungeon run. Not only does knowing the value of each item help you make more gold per run, but knowing also allows you to loot quicker – which in turn, can prevent you from dying and allows faster rotations!

Maximizing Loot value Guide selling image

While bigger items may look enticing, more often than not in Dark and Darker – the smaller treasure is by far the most valuable per slot. In each dungeon run, players have a total of 50 inventory slots. This is dictated by the square grid shown when you’re looting.

Maximizing loot value guide inventory image

As shown above, the limited inventory space available to you means that finding out which treasure items hold the most value per-slot is far more beneficial to you in each run. A Royal (orange) Ancient Scroll, the 6-slot treasure for example vendors for 81 gold. However, the 1-slot treasures such as a Diamond even at Normal (green) quality sells at 18 gold each. As a result, this means that even having 6 much lower rarity 1-slot treasures equals out to 108 gold, making a min-max total of 27 gold! This just goes to show that being the highest rarity does not always mean the item is also the most valuable. You could even throw 2 Flawed (white) 1-slot items into the mix with 4 Normal (green), the outcome is still more valuable per slot at 94 gold!

Rarity Scaling

The loot value tables above show a clear but steep rise in gold value with each rarity bump. Sometimes, items will also even increase 2-3x in a couple of rarity bumps! As a result, keep a good eye on each rarity of the treasure you collect.

Gear Value

Initially, it is pretty common to assume that high rarity, powerful weapons and armor or jewelry could fetch high sums of money even at the vendors. However, currently in Dark and Darker this is untrue. Weapons, armor and jewelry actually sell for practically nothing, when compared to treasures at the vendors. As a result of this, we highly advise against selling weapons, armor and jewelry at the vendors. Secondly, due to the lack of value at the vendors when selling gear, it is most of the time not worth picking up low tier gear – it sells for nothing, takes up space and prevents you from picking up better loot!

Maximizing Loot Value at the Trade Post

To also follow up from avoiding the use of vendors to sell gear, we recommend taking high rarity gear to the Trade Post. While the Trade Post can be quite overwhelming at first glance, you can use the helpful filters to keep a better eye on the chat.

Maximizing loot value guide trade post

The Trade Post can take a fair amount of time to get used to, but also can take a fair amount of time to have players trade you. The use of the Trade Post serves as a social feature to barter, however, you get to set the value of your items; as opposed to the static low price a vendor offers. That being said, that also does not mean you should get too crazy with the pricing if you want your items to sell! As a result, we recommend only using the trade post to buy and sell gear, you receive much more value this way.

Additional Tips

  • 1-Slot items are generally the best by far
  • On average, 4-slot and 6-slot items are terrible for overall gold value
  • When looting in a dungeon run, always look to fill your inventory up, you can then replace anything with better per-slot value throughout – this process gets faster with more value knowledge
  • Gems without a doubt are your best chance at consistently making the most gold per-slot out of the 1-slot items
  • As shown on the tables, items such as the Goblet (at lower rarities) and the Gold Candle Platters have horrific values in comparison to the rest of the treasures
  • Typically, stay away from the Cracked (Grey) rarity items unless there is nothing better to take, they are very low value regardless of slot size
  • Remember and utilize your toolbelt to equip potions, throwables and campfires, not only does this save you space, but allows for more gold per-slot!
  • Do not throw away certain throwable items or seasonal currency (such as Valentines Candy) certain throwables such as Oil Lanterns sell for 26 gold, while seasonal currency can sell for 15-20 gold each. However, seasonal currency stacks in 1-slot up to 10! This also means a total of 150-200 gold in ONE slot!
  • Finally, as a general rule of thumb, the bigger items are usually not as valuable as many smaller items

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