Recently, we were treated to a huge wealth of information – including the announcement of Playtest 5 from Dark and Darker developers, IRONMACE. This announcement included a great deal of answers to the community’s burning questions via a Q&A. In the April 2023 Playtest 5, players finally get the chance to test the new first floor. With that in mind; lets talk about what to expect in the new map, B1.

what to expect in the new map b1 image 1

What to Expect in the New Map, B1

Official Name for B1

Up until now in Dark and Darker, players subjected themselves to testing two key floors – “Crypt” and “Inferno”. These maps already exist as B2 and B3. However, as of Playtest 5, the community now has a chance to see the brand new map, B1. B1, true to its name finally showcases the first floor of the 3-floor dungeon. It also comes with a proper name to match “Crypt” and “Inferno” – “Ruin”.

Location and Theme

While we haven’t officially received confirmation of the exact theme and location, IRONMACE have however given us tidbits of ambitions and potential regarding “Ruin”. IRONMACE developer “sdf” and “Terrence” mentioned the following:

  • Ruin will be the first floor of a 3-floor plan
  • IRONMACE wish to show the player at least “glimpses” of the outside world, to show you that you are not always in the dungeon
  • The idea of the sky being fully visible, and players finding their way to the dungeon outside is a big talking point, in which existing concept arts bolster the idea
  • A potential “Dark Forest” thematic, searching through the Forest and finding the entrance to the dungeon of your choosing
  • The potential to increase the player count to inevitably be whittled down by the time B2 is reached

What will the first floor look like?

As previously mentioned, Dark and Darker’s available press kit gives a slight visual representation on what to possibly expect for Ruin in Playtest 5. Within the press kit we can find various concept arts that depict currently unseen settings in Dark and Darker. With this in mind however, we have room to potentially speculate on Ruin, and the outside theme it may have.

what to expect in the new map b1, concept 1

Firstly, as some may notice, the name of this concept art is aptly titled “Outside of Dungeon Draft”. As a result of the previous suggestions pointing towards an outside map, in search of the dungeon, these concept images back-up the speculation. This however is not the first and only image showing the outside world – or entering a dungeon.

What to expect in the new map b1 concept 2

Secondly, another relevant concept image found in the press kit shows a different theme to the forest idea. However, one common trend is the general idea of something taking place outside the dungeon. While the details of the location may be different, as a result of a previous Q&A, it is very likely that there will be multiple dungeons in future.

What to expect in the new map b1 concept 3

Finally, a third and final concept image displaying the outside world of Dark and Darker. Many of the community suspect that one of these images may be the outer visual of “The Forgotten Castle”. The Forgotten Castle being the current dungeon players delve in each Playtest. While this is all speculation however, it does serve as a very interesting thought – what if these are all different dungeons?

Another question the community seek answers for, is will we be able to find different dungeon entrances in “Ruin”? While that information is currently unknown, it certainly is not out of the realm of possibility!

What Loot to Expect in the New Map B1

Currently, the new map, B1 or “Ruin, has not finished initial development. As a result, IRONMACE developer “sdf” believes there is no certainty to the loot available in B1. However, community members have asked but also believe that B1 should have an abundance of utility items. This thought process is because it is the starting floor, and players need all the supplies they can get. We personally believe it would not be surprising to see items such as:

  • Health and Protection Potions
  • Campfires
  • Miscellaneous items such as throwables
  • Bandages
  • Distinct lack of treasure or higher than grey rarity loot

The above loot list speculatively makes the most sense, as the true treasure lies deep within the dungeon. However, finding damaged, low-quality gear from the adventurers that didn’t quite make the dungeon entrance and provisions seems more than likely.

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