Altars of Lilith are located all over the World of Diablo 4. Finding these Altars will help you increase, not only your current character’s power but every character you create along your journey! In our Altars of Lilith Guide, we’ll cover each Altars location and what they unlock.

NOTE – Altars of Lilith, once found, unlock account wide

Altar of Lilith Locations

Altars of Lilith can be found in every zone throughout the Diablo 4 map. Once you discover an Altar you will be rewarded with XP and Renown for the zone you find it in. Below is an Interactive map that shows each Altar of Lilith’s Location and the Unlockable tied to it!

Altar of Lilith Unlockables

Once you collect all the Altars, you will have unlocked a ton of new stats, paragon points, and more for all of your Diablo 4 Characters to use! Below is a list of all of the available Unlockables you’ll earn:

Paragon Points4
Obol Capacity100


Thanks for checking out our Altars of Lilith Guide! For more important locations across Diablo 4, make sure to check out the Interactive Map!