On April 5, 2023, Diablo 4 released a video previewing the game’s endgame activities. The Paragon, Nightmare Dungeons, Open World PVP, and more will all help bring the Diablo 4 Endgame to life!

World Tier

In the Diablo IV beta, players had access to the first 2 World Tiers of the game: Adventurer and Veteran. In the video, they mentioned that players would “progress” through the world tiers. This will unlock powerful loot, new items and more advantages and opportunities for their character at Endgame. Here are the World Tiers we know of so far:

  • I – Adventurer
  • II – Veteran
  • III – Nightmare
  • IV – Torment


Diablo 4’s skill tree presents players with several different ways to build out their character but, after the beta, some players were left wanting more! Blizzard confirmed that the Paragon system will help players expand their character progression and allow players to further flesh out their class.

The Paragon system will include several “boards” that players can move, mix and match to allow players to strengthen their characters at Endgame.

Nightmare Dungeons

Another topic in the preview was the Nightmare Dungeon system! Nightmare Dungeons will take the 120+ dungeons all over the world of Diablo 4 and make them more challenging. Players will use items called sigils that will transform a dungeon’s playstyle and difficulty. These sigils will add new affixes and objectives to the dungeon and reward players with better loot!

Open World

Diablo 4 will host several open-world activities to help players progress at Endgame as well. There are several repeatable quests all over the world of Sanctuary that will reward players for their time.

Helltide Zones

Helltide zones are areas that host challenging monsters and activities that will reward players with Special shards that can be taken to vendors for special rewards.


Another part of the Diablo IV Endgame is PVP. Fields of Hatred are PvP-designated zones that allow players to go head-to-head in conflict. These zones will also reward players with a “shard” currency that players will need to cleanse before they leave the zone.

Once these shards are cleansed, players can take them back to town to sell them to a special vendor for specific cosmetics and rewards. If players get killed while in the fields of hatred, they will drop these shards for other players to pick up. They mention that other players will have a way of knowing when players in the zone go to cleanse their shards, so you will need to be cautious when doing so.

Diablo IV Endgame Conclusion

For more on Diablo IV, be sure to check out the official Diablo 4 website. For our thoughts on the Endgame Video, check out the video below.